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UGE wind turbine powers “Polar Rover” autonomous research vehicle to explore Antarctica, company now has installations on every continent

Online PR News – 12-March-2013 – New York, NY – UGE wind turbine powers “Polar Rover” autonomous research vehicle to explore Antarctica, company now has installations on every continent

NEW YORK, NY, March 12th - At times, nothing demonstrates the versatility and reliability of UGE’s products better than the myriad of uses customers have found for its products. Case in point was the maiden voyage of the world’s first wind-powered, satellite-controlled rover in Antarctica in February. With the successful launch of Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics University’s autonomous robot, “Polar Rover,” powered by UGE’s HoYi! turbine, UGE products are officially operating on all seven continents.

The robot, weighing 300 kilograms, can roll continuously day and night, and hurdles over obstacles half a meter in height thanks to the energy provided by UGE’s smallest vertical axis wind turbine, HoYi!. The Polar Rover has an automated driving system, capable of ice and snow terrain identification and assessment, satellite navigation, and autopiloting; it is also equipped with atmospheric sensors, a snow sampler, and geography and geology analyzers. The Polar Rover has already traveled an amazing 2,500km in Antarctica as it researches the continent and the effects global warming is having on it.

The Polar Rover operates in cold temperatures, polar winds, geomagnetic interference, cosmic rays, and other extreme environmental conditions. The use of wind power enables the robot to have long lasting performance while completing environmental monitoring tasks. “The launch of this prototype is a milestone for implementation of intelligent robots at China’s unmanned research station in Antarctica,“ said Project Manager Wang Tianmao, a professor of Robotic Research at Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics University. Working within these extremely harsh conditions, UGE has once again proven the unrivaled quality and versatility of its products which can be relied on across a wide spectrum of environments.

UGE’s HoYi! turbine is its smallest unit and is the perfect solution for small scale off-grid power generation. From robots for polar expeditions to streetlights, boats and marine applications, Hoyi! can always be counted on to deliver across a wide range of weather conditions and platforms (i.e. hybrid systems integrating solar). As a testament to its product versatility and reliability, UGE’s renewable energy solutions have been installed in over 70 countries.

To learn more about UGE and its renewable energy solutions, please visit www.urbangreenenergy.com.

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