A New Breed of Affiliate Marketing

MarketeerLand has just created the only completely free, self-replicating income system with nothing for sale. Based on peer-to-peer advertising of Fortune 500 companies, it's a simple program for earning large referral fees through a fully replicatable website.

Online PR News – 12-March-2013 – Cheyenne WY – Our intention is to help a particular group of people: folks who need income, but hardly have time to think about it because they're consumed with other cares; such as missionaries/volunteer workers, students and stay-at-home (or single) moms or dads. It was also created for those on a limited, fixed income, such as retirees, military families and schoolteachers. In short, anyone can quickly generate income through this system, providing they have solid communication and computer skills and Internet access.

With so many people impacted by the recession and facing reduced income, mounting debt or unemployment, interest in online marketing is at an all-time high. Yet well over 98% of all first-time respondents fail or lose interest within 60 days of launching an online business because of these four factors: Ethical concerns (the respondent is expected to do or say something dishonest), a lack of professionalism, an overly complex system and unexpected costs. In contrast, we've built our program on a foundation of four principles with which we are committed: Integrity, professionalism, simplicity and a completely free system.

There's no cold calling, it's not MLM, there are no fees and there's no sales pitch, because there isn't anything for sale. It's a completely unique affiliate marketing system that will change the way people view home based businesses.

Everything about MarketeerLand is brand new; from the concept, to the project, to the system, to the blog, to the website, to the relationships we're building. Both the blog and the site have just been launched, so we're barely taking off. Just as sure as we're to expect a few bumps in the road, we're even more confident of this: the paradigm is about to shift, and it's about time.