The Light is the BRIGHTEST personal transformation book of the year.

The Launch is happening right now in the UK & USA The Goal is to raise at least one million dollars for seven charities.
The Pledge is to donate 100% of its net profits to seven chosen charities.

Online PR News – 12-March-2013 – Santa Monica, California – With chapters by 22 prestigious contributors, The Light is a book designed to empower people to awaken to their Inner Radiance. The goal is to raise at least one million dollars through the Spread the Light Campaign for the seven chosen beneficiary charities.

The Light book and campaign has an exciting and innovative way of giving to charity. In these times of great change and turmoil, the multi-author book has an important message for humanity. Working in selfless service and in unity with others, we can achieve Greatness not only for ourselves but also for the world.

Those who have contributed chapters include a host of bestselling authors, speakers, and inspirational leaders, including Don Miguel Ruiz, Neale Donald Walsch, Marci Shimoff, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Terry Tillman, John Perkins, Dr Sue Morter, Janet Attwood, and John-Roger. Covering topics from co-creating a peaceful world, forgiveness, healing, finding purpose and happiness, to chapters about health, well-being, destiny, and the mysteries of the Inner Light, the book also has practical exercises and guidance, empowering readers to achieve their greatest potential.

Creator of The Light, Keidi Keating, said: “The idea for this book drifted into my awareness as I was eating one evening. I’d recently discovered my own Light thanks to a series of synchronistic events after enduring a period of great depression and uncertainty. I wanted to spread the life changing messages of all the people who had guided me through this difficult time. The idea grew from there into the huge project it has now become. I’ve spent the last two years preparing The Light and I’m not done yet!”

The Light has already received interest and endorsements from a number of luminaries in the field of personal transformation. Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, which sold millions of copies worldwide, said: “The Light empowers people to find their greatness and serves to make this world a brighter place for us all."

The Light is the property of The Light Worldwide non-profit company, formed by Keidi Keating. She said, “I passionately want to help children, especially in the third world, through spiritual education and by supporting other charities and social entrepreneurs who have touched my heart with their selfless service to humanity.”