Ecosmob, A Leading VoIP Company Offers FreeSwitch Solutions By Dedicated Freeswitch Service Website

FreeSWITCH consultants and entrepreneur are briefing their dedicated freeswitch VoIP solution services and dedicated freeswitch solution website

Online PR News – 12-March-2013 – Ahmedabad – Ecosmob, fast growing IT Company has established its mark as VoIP solution provider. To dedicatedly serve their client's VoIP solution requirement with FreeSwitch open source, they have launched a dedicated website, namely,

On our question of purpose of launching the dedicated website just for FreeSwitch VoIP solution, Mr. Maulik shah replied "We want to give our clients the perfect solution exactly the same they are looking for. We just do not want to confuse them by offering them lots of options with few jargons which they never heard before. We believe in keeping it simple so clients can get the real idea of what they are looking for as the final product. Our FreeSwitch Service Website will give the brief overview of various FreeSwitch solutions and services we are offering. So anyone who visit our website can clear out their queries on the spot and decide to choose the best solution for their current need"

When We asked "what makes you different from others?", another technopreneur of the company Mr. Ruchir Brahmbhatt replied, "we believe in client satisfaction before the initiation of project even. We are used to focus on guiding the clients as the partners not as money gainer. As client come to our website seeking for solution of FreeSwitch PBX, it is somewhere clear that client had some ground research on the business telecommunication system and chosen FreeSwitch as their ultimate solution. At initial stage we are used to ask the client requirements for their desired freeswitch solution and asses that requirements as per our industry experience, current technology trend and other factors. If we find the requirements can be satisfied by Freeswitch, we go ahead with Freeswitch. But at any point if we feel that these requirements can be better satisfied with any other VoIP technology like Asterisk then we take an initiative and give free consultancy service regarding the client requirements and technology which can give the ultimate VoIP solution to the client rather than giving what they are asking with their shallow knowledge. “

Our reporter asked them "do you offer ready to use solution? As there are many in built solution available for FreeSwitch telephony system and PBX" Mr. Shah replied, "We offer the customized solution for their business. We do not believe in give only what we have and restrict client to implement their needs by saying this and that cannot be supported in this technology. We gather client requirements and build a customized VoIP business solution for their business which has all the features to give them complete one solution." Mr. Brahmbhatt added in that "yes absolutely, we even take step to install, configure and set up the solution. We offer bug fixing and give client free support for an extent of period to give them easy to use solution and environment."

"Do you develop only full featured solutions for FreeSwitch?" MR. Brahmbhatt replied "No, that's not our boundary. As there are some clients who come to us asking for some particular featured module or application to build in FreeSwitch. Even some already have installed FreeSwitch component and looking for only customization in the existing module or application. In that case offering them complete solution make us just greedy businessman who are looking for money all around which we are not, so we offer them FreeSwitch module and/or application development and customization, if they have some specific requirements. Even some clients do not want to create a module or application but they are just scratching their heads with the existing FreeSwitch solution they are already having but with lots of bugs. So in that case we offer bug fixing and give them 100% bug free working solution."

At last "I would like to know what your work domain is. I mean what solutions you offer to customers dedicatedly in Freeswitch?" Mr. Maulik implied, "We offer all the business telecommunication freeswitch solutions including Freeswitch Fax Server, IVR, Hosted PBX, IP PBX, SBC, audio, video conferencing solutions and much more related to business communication industry"

In conclusion you can get the complete cost effective business telephony solution in freeswitch as per your custom requirements. For more details about the freeswitch, freeswitch services and solutions offered by Ecosmob visit their dedicated freeswitch website:

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