Sugar House Pies is Now Offering Frozen Pies to Bakeries Nationwide

Sugar House Pies is pleased to announce that they will be manufacturing and supplying pies to bakeries around the country. Customers who love Sugar House can enjoy pies all year.

Online PR News – 12-March-2013 – Salt Lake City, UT – Sugar House Pies has been creating delicious home made pies since back in 1853. All these years later, Sugar House Pies is still in operation making pies. The company has been able to translate those incredible and tasty pies that they have been known for in the Salt Lake Valley to homes all across America.

Sugar House has listened very closely to their customers, and knows that above all else, taste means everything to customers. That's why Sugar House has actually slowed down its process, they don't mass produce pies and throw them in boxes. Instead the pie company takes its time to make each pie carefully in a semi automated manner. This ensures that those delicious flavors that consumers know and remember from their grandma's pies sitting on the counter are included in every box of Sugar House Pies.

Now, Sugar House Pies is very pleased to announce that they will be manufacturing and supplying pies to bakeries all over the country. This will enable those customers who have always loved Sugar House Pies to still be able to enjoy these pies all year long.

The key to the process is that Sugar House has been able to capture the proper technology needed to make Frozen Pies retain all of their flavor. Often times, when Frozen Dessert companies apply the blast chill to their products, the flavor is completely lost by the time customers heat up their frozen pie.

However, Sugar House Pies never experience this issue. When you purchase frozen fruit pies from Sugar House and reheat those for dessert at your next function, no one will ever guess that those pies weren't home made that very day. That's how important the freezing and preserving process is to Sugar House Pies.

And now, the news gets even better. Sugar House Pies have been able to secure its place in the market by being the best frozen pie manufacturer in the industry. This means that more and more bakeries are signing on to sell the frozen desserts that Sugar House Pies make. So, consumers will be able to have direct access to their local bakery or frozen dessert supplier and be able to get the Sugar House Pies they want all year around, without having to wait for a special occasion.

This news really opens up a ton of possibilities in the frozen dessert manufacturer industry. As Sugar House Pies are widely recognized and known to be the industry's best frozen pie supplier, it means customers won't have to wait to enjoy their favorite pies. Those who love having a Sugar House pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving don't have to wait another year now, because their local bakery will be able to supply a frozen pumpkin pie right away, enabling customers to enjoy Sugar House Pies anytime.

Enjoying a slice of a Sugar House Pie is just like being transported back home. And that's exactly the feeling that Sugar House wants to convey with its frozen pies. Now, with bakeries selling Sugar House Pies, even more Americans will be able to have delicious pies whenever then want.

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