CauseURGood Contributes to “Save to Children”

CauseURGood Contributes to “Save to Children”

Online PR News – 12-March-2013 – San Francisco – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Press Release: 11th March, 2013
When individuals make a purchase from CauseURGood, they indirectly participate in the donation to the charity organization for a good cause. According to the owner & founder of CauseURGood, “We believe that assisting the helpless people is a good cause for being blessed and so, we contribute for few of the charities such as Feeding America, Stop Trafficking of People, PETA, and The Nature Conservancy.”

He makes it continue and again says, “As we deal in brand clothing that meet the requirement of contemporary people’s choice and also work for cause of charity, many people join us and help to improve the lives of numerous people, who are in need.” Recently, CauseURGood has contributed a good amount of donation to “Save to Children” and the owner of it gives the whole credit to its customers. Save to Children, a leading independent organization that create lifelong change in the lives of children in necessity in the United States and worldwide, says a big thank to CauseURGood for their participation in the charity for the safety of abandoned children and their families.

No doubt, CauseURGood is recognized for its commitment to liability, novelty and teamwork and it is CauseURGood’s work that takes it into the heart of societies, where it help children and families assist themselves. During the press conference the owner of CauseURGood also says, “While upholding our own liberation without political outline or sacred direction, we also work with other organizations, governments, non-profits, and number of local partners.”

About CauseURGood:
CauseURGood is a good cause lifestyle clothing company that is based in San Francisco, CA. It deals in the branded clothes and accessories and let the individuals to choose the T Shirt of their preference and cause which the like to support. And it give the donation to the charity that individuals choose from the amount it collect through the purchase deal that you make with it.