Company Launched a Conversion Tool - Convert Gmail to PST with Better Facilities

In this release, it is informed that Gmail Backup tool with option Gmail to PST or EML has made quicker by adding numerous advanced functionalities.

Online PR News – 12-March-2013 – Florida – Gothenburg, Sweden, March 11, 2012-Company informs that Gmail Backup data can be taken in PST or EML file format as well. To make this option user-oriented, company has recently designated some of the very advanced techniques which lead to completion of Gmail to PST or EML fast and easy.

Evan Swans, company’s product development head says, “To create backup of Gmail email is a necessity when Gmail mails are required to be accessed in email clients like Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc. Gmail Backup Tool thus offers a benefactor feature according to which backup of Gmail emails can be converted into very popular PST or EML file format. This single file format is essential when Gmail single mails required accessing in EML file format. Now, to have backup of Gmail emails in PST or EML has turned fastest because software has become quicker in this functionality.”

Company’s lab director, Allegan, says, “The astounding change brought in Gmail Backup tool by making Gmail backup to PST or EML fastest in performance. This increase in performance has brought so that large number of Google Mail users save their large amount of time in carrying out export Gmail email to hard drive.”

Company’s website director, Susan Kaet, adds, “Gmail to PST is an important feature we provide in Gmail Backup tool. This crucial feature succeeded by Gmail backup to PST. The tool has no faults in usage but then also we have added a beneficial feature and made software fast in performance. This will surely increase speed and will move unlimited Gmail’s backup emails into PST or EML.”

Increased processing speed will definitely provide help to numerous Gmail account holders because might be they wanted to access Gmail backup mails in output type PST or EML. For those, who have dead line and for those who are running short of time will find this process qualitative and beneficial. This will in turn saves ample amount of time and will help in accessing emails in PST or EML file.