New Site About Baldisserotto Genealogy
05/15/2010 is a new website that deals with the Baldisserotto family genealogy. The owner of the website, Signore Philip Baldisserotto, has compiled his detailed research of their origin and family tree, in particular. The website also contains rare etymological and other historical information on the subject.

Online PR News – 15-May-2010 – – "Recently a new website was launched pertaining to the Baldisserotto family genealogy. It comprises of a vast and deeply researched references to the origins and the immigration of the Baldisserottos. It provides not only the family tree of the Baldisserottos, but also has a number of rare photographs. You can visit their website at

The Baldisserottos were historically very rich farmers from Italy. They were of Germanic origin and inhabited the Venetian foothills even before the advent of the Holy Roman Empire. The spokesperson of the website, Signore Philip Baldisserotto, informed us that they lived in the virtually inhospitable areas along some of the major rivers near the swamps and lagoons. These rivers were generally navigable like the River Brenta and River Piave. In all probability they used these rivers for the transportation of their agricultural products. For years they fiercely protected their independence from the Gauls and the Romans. He said that their project is aimed at providing an authority knowledge base on Baldisserotto family genealogy to the descendants of those wondrous people.

He further tells us that during later years a number of Baldisserottos immigrated to various other parts of Venatia itself, and even to the New World i.e. the present South America. This was mainly because they were running short of agricultural land as their population significantly increased. Some historians and expert anthropologists also suspect that this could have been due to the devastating frosts that were destroying their crops. He says that their portal shows the various branches of the Baldisserottos that today reside in different parts of the world. Their research is based on historical and personal records as well as on telephone directories. Nearly all of the names found in such telephone directories are included in the newly launched website’s family tree.

Signore Philip Baldisserotto told us that his website is the only one of its kind that deals with Baldisserotto family genealogy. He said that it took him a long time to find the much needed information. He is particularly proud of his collection of rare photographs of the various members of Baldisserotto family hailing from different periods of time.

He says that they are facing some difficulties with preparing the family tree for female offspring. This, he says, is causing a wee bit of a delay in the completion of the family tree. He expects to complete the project by the end of the year.

Signore Philip Baldisserotto says that he is undertaking this project with utmost seriousness for obvious reasons: that he hails from the same ancestry himself. Today the members of the Baldisserotto family are residing in various countries including Brazil, Switzerland and the United States of America, besides Italy. Certain individuals were also found to be living in Australia and Russia. Without any doubt, his project is amongst the very few extensive authority resources on Baldisserotto family genealogy.