Songdew Added Music Artist Valentine Shipley as Featured Artist of The Month

Valentine Shipley is Songdew’s Featured Artist of the Month and it is his strong vocal presence in music concerts apart from his ability to play a host of instruments and gift of holding the attention of the audience that makes him so popular.

Online PR News – 11-March-2013 – Gurgaon – Songdew, an online music portal that connects music artists and their fans has a separate segment known as Featured Artist of the Month where it showcases the talent of the most promising singer for the month informing the audience about him, his achievements, and his music. Valentine Shipley with an artist rank of 23 is Songdew’s featured artist for this month. Val, as he is popularly known is famous because of his ability to play numerous instruments like 6 and 12 string Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Mandolin, Drums, Slide Guitar, Bass Guitar, Tabla, Piano, Electric Lead Guitar and Banjo.

As the CEO and official spokesperson for the company says, “Val can play a host of instruments and he also has a very strong vocal presence in music concerts. His debut album makes it amply clear to us that he is already a star with his resonating voice and unique style of playing guitar. But what endears Val with the audience is his ability to connect with them. His stage performance is brilliant and he holds the public in rapt attention as music keeps flowing from him and engulfs everyone. Baasame and Autumn Leaves are two of his very popular songs that have become instant hits with the general masses.”

Apart from showcasing talent of music artists, Songdew also helps its users to tune in to the latest songs – be it English, Hindi, or any other vernacular language like Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and many more. The company website enables users to narrow down a search on the basis of genre (Blues, Rap, Country, Devotional, Ghazal, Pop, Rock etc.) or by selecting the languages from a drop down list. One may also search a song by its title if one is looking for something specific.

As the official spokesperson further adds, “There are people out there who are making good music – original, talented and creative people. And there are people who appreciate such original raw talent and motivate them to move forward on the course. The motive of Songdew is to connect these two types of people. It will help the latter to listen to good music and help the former to correct any mistakes that they may have missed.”

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