Two Foundations to Help Manchester Become the World's 'First Biospheric City'

Being the world's first industrialised city, the people behind The Biospheric Foundation hope that the city of Manchester also becomes the first 'biospheric' city.

Online PR News – 11-March-2013 – Scotland – The disused site will become part farm, part laboratory, and part research centre. It will have an innovative and sustainable food system, which will use agroforestry (combines both agriculture and forestry technologies to create a diverse, productive, profitable, and sustainable land-use systems) and aquaponics (a sustainable food production system that combines traditional aquaculture with hydroponics in a symbiotic environment).

The Manchester International Festival (MIF) has agreed to be the biggest supporter of the said project as part of its efforts in 2013 in coming up with a project that ‘educates communities about sustainable food production.’

The transformed three-storey mill is slated for a July 5 opening. When it does, Walsh and the MIF hope students and families will learn more regarding the importance of the development of food production that is ecologically friendly. The two organisations also hope that by then, what used to be an industrial monument is transformed into a source of food and life what with the huge number of fruit trees, growing plants, and aquaponics they aim to add.

It is also the goal of MIF and The Biospheric Foundation to reconnect urban dwellers to old-fashion agricultural methods by teaching them the skills of growing their own food at home.

According to Walsh, his foundation tried to answer the issue with regards to how urban areas can feed their own citizens as they are becoming more populated. In his PhD research study, the Manchester-born designer and architect focused on putting up research centres on cities.

He said: “This work will help to challenge contemporary thinking about urban food production and ecologies within the inner-city, exploring how cities can develop greener infrastructure and more resilient communities for the future.”

The Irwell House is just one of the disused spaces that will be transformed into cultural locations for the MIF festival in July. Mayfield Depot, an old steam railway station that has been obsolete since 1986 will be turned into a concert area for the said festivities.

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