About OMICS Publishing Group

OMICS Publishing Group is one of the leading publishing groups in the scientific world, which provides free access to online journals.

Online PR News – 11-March-2013 – Los Angeles – OMICS Publishing Group will keep up to date with the latest advances in specific fields and papers published in its journal will be directly accessible to the readers at absolutely free of cost. Archived online publications of OMICS journals will provide the international scientific community with immediate and permanent access to individual content. OMICS Publishing Group accepts online letters from the publishers and the authors that contribute to the previously published articles in the respective fields.

OMICS Publishing Group is an open access scientific journal publisher which publishes articles content in about more than 200 open access journals. OMICS Group accepts and publishes scholarly articles content from colleges and universities all over the world. It is also the member, publishing partner, and source content provider to crossref.org, PubMed central, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Index Copernicus, Scientific commons, etc. All published articles in OMICS Group journals are freely accessible to anyone through internet.

OMICS Publishing Group journals have over 2 thousand visitors and the popularity and success of the same can be linked to the strong editorial board which contains 20000 personalities and the rapid, quality and quick review processing. The goal of any publishing group is to spread the latest research findings across the scientific community and create awareness among the younger generations about the impact of research in technological innovation on the progress of mankind.