Siglent New Product: 160MHz Arbitrary/Function Waveform Generator

Siglent launched new arbitrary/function waveform generator SDG5000 series with 160MHz maximum output frequency.

Online PR News – 11-March-2013 – Shenzhen, China – As the upgrade version of SDG1000, SDG5000 acquires lots of improvements, advanced DDS (Digital Direct Frequency Synthesis) technologies, 2 channels output, 500MSa/s sampling rate, 14bit vertical resolution and 160MHz maximum output frequency. Besides these, SDG5000 has 2ppm high frequency stability, -116dBc/Hz low phase noise (SSB) and 512K wave length which make SDG5000 has superior signal fidelity.

Function/Arbitrary waveform generator is also named as signal generator or signal source. As Siglent’s crystallization of High-New technology, SDG5000 bases on SDG1000 and adds brand new technology and design. SDG5000 adopts Siglent original technology EasyPulse, not only enhance the hardware index but also improve the software. It can output high quality, high flexible pulse signal: 100ps low jitter, ultra wide duty-factor range: 0.0001% ~ 99.9999%, quick rising/falling edge 6ns ~ 6s, edge and pulse width precision can be adjusted: 100ps resolution.SDG5000 can meet different application situations.

In addition, SDG5000 has superior high frequency and high amplitude than other products, 20Vpp high amplitude signal output frequency can reach 40MHz, the output signal uses floating ground technology which bring pure signal; built-in high precision, widely range frequency counter, the range is 100mHz~ 200MHz.

Besides the AM, FM modulation used for broadcast signal and the ASK, FSK modulation used for digital signal, SDG5000 also has modulation function of DSB-AM, PM, and PWM. They can meet the needs of most customers. Linear/log frequency sweep and burst function enriched the kinds of output waveforms.

Siglent doesn’t only upgrade precision, stability, output range and kinds, the humanized design even increases operability of SDG5000.

• Support USB-RAM/USB-TMC, supply SCPI commands and upper computer software;
• Built-in high precision, widely range 100mHz~200MHz frequency counter, SDG5000 can test frequency, cycle, plus-minus pulse width, duty cycle;
• Traceability self-calibration function, revise output deviation, renew performance and precision as in factory;
• TTL compatible SYNC signal output, 10MHz clock signal input, achieve multi signal generators synchronization;
• Choice for saving output waveform information when turn off, don’t need to adjust again after next time.

As an arbitrary waveform generator, SDG5000 has powerful upper computer software EasyWave, supplying waveform drawing, editing, viewing and mathematical operations. Users can draw their waveform easily. Waveform can be sent to SDG5000 through EasyWave, users can also read waveforms from SDG5000 by EasyWave. SDG5000, EasyWave and oscilloscope can communicate with each other through the same format CSV data.