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Online PR News – 11-March-2013 – San Jose – We are all short of time to do all we need to get done. Keeping up to date on what is best for oral and general health can thus become a chore. blog keeps you informed about the important issues and developments in oral and dental health.
Here’s what has been discussed in the recent past:

New Dental X-Ray Guidelines: Who Needs X-rays and When?
Keeping Your Mouth-Bacteria Safe
Diet Soda Poses Higher Risk of Diabetes Than Regular Soda
Choosing Between Wire Braces and Invisalign?
Many posts have focused on oral and dental health problems and their treatments.
Sensitive teeth - What causes sensitive teeth? Treatments for Sensitive Teeth post describes the many ways in which the issue can be resolved or prevented.
Gum disease - Beware of those sneaky gum disease bacteria
What is Your Problem? A post that introduces the readers to the American Dental Association’s newly launched Dental Symptom Checker at their
Sleep Apnea – Many posts have touched on sleep apnea and its treatments. Recent ones include Selecting Mandibular Advancement Devices for Sleep Apnea and Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Device Buying Tips.
Dark gums bother a lot of people. Our posts ‘What is Causing Your Dark Gums?’ and ‘Treatments for Dark Gums’ are perennial popular items.
Dental Anxiety in adults and kids – We have addressed this issue in multiple posts both in the blog and in the article archive. The most recent blog piece was on Helping Your Kid Overcome Fear of Dental Visits.

Because oral and dental health are linked to our general health, general health topics are a constant feature in the blog.

Erection Problems? Get Your Gums Checked
Coffee May Halve Risk of Mouth and Throat Cancers
Keep on Chewing to Reduce Your Risk for Dementia

Amusing, interesting or useful items also make an appearance in the blog.

Free or Low-Cost Medical, Dental & Vision Cover for Kids describes the US government’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).
Oral Health Important for Children’s Academic Achievement describes research findings linking status of oral health and educational achievement.
Tooth Fairy gets a lot of cover, naturally. A recent post wondered whether the ‘Tooth Fairy is Misbehaving?’. Another post touched on The Tooth Fairy and John Lennon’s Tooth.
At Halloween Give Video Games to Trick-or-Treaters, Not Candy! – A post that delights both kids and parents., a national network of quality dentists, offers you the fastest and easiest way to find a local dentist. You can look for a dentist by a zip code search or use the 800 number to quickly get through to find a dentist and fix a dental appointment.