Changed for better & faster processing than ever: Canada FSWP Program

Canada FSWP is gateway to Canadian Permanent Residency and subsequently to Canadian citizenship. The changes to the points based immigration system would ensure faster integration of immigrants and their families to the Canadian society and labour market.

Online PR News – 11-March-2013 – Hyderabad/ AndhraPradesh – Canada Skilled Immigration, with new rules and regulations would come into effect from May 4th 2013. Also known as independent immigration, Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Visa assesses the profile of individual candidates and assigns them points for the outlined criteria. The Canadian Immigration has fixed a benchmark of 67 points to qualify for the program.

The points are given to six factors; including:

• Education
• Proficiency in English and/or French, Canada’s two official languages
• Work experience
• Age
• Arranged employment in Canada
• Adaptability

Why Changes to the most popular Canadian Permanent Residency Program?
The changes to the Canada’s skilled immigration have been done so that foreigners adapt to the society easily and don’t become a burden to Canadian society or government. Emphasis on youth has been given, because young people can easily adapt to a new place and also can serve longer to the country’s economy. Importance on language and spouse’s education and work experience are awarded points as this help in easy integration to the society.

LANGUAGE: Bench level is marked for language proficiency. Maximum 28 points are awarded to this factor. Continuous research and survey has revealed that language proficiency is the single most important factor in gaining better rates of employment, appropriate employment and higher earnings.

Language ability has become the most important factor on the grid, representing a total of up to 28 points max. in recognition of its critical importance.
AGE: Canada Immigration department believes that younger immigrants integrate faster into the society, economy and labour market. Younger immigrants up to age 35 can be awarded a maximum of 12 points. Professionals above 46 won’t receive any points for this factor.

EDUCATION: Previously Canada Immigration used to award points based on the applicant’s educational credentials in their home country and the years spent to obtain the credential. The new regulations require a mandatory assessment of foreign educational credentials to determine their equivalency to a completed educational credential in Canada. This can be done by designated agencies only. Maximum points allocated are 25.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Foreign work experience may not be able to get required employment for the prospect applicant. So the maximum points allocated has been reduced from 21 to 15

ARRANGED EMPLOYMENT: Canada Federal Skilled Workers Visa prefers people who immigrate with a valid job offer and awards up to 10 points max. for this factor.

ADAPTABILITY: CIC has proposed changes to the adaptability criteria to emphasize factors that are shown to have a positive impact on an immigrant and their family’s integration. Maximum points allocated are 10 points.

Besides all these factors Canada Skilled Immigration requires perfect documentation and a pre assessment before filing for original application. Canadian FSW immigration aspirants can consult and take advice from a reputed organization before stepping ahead for the process.