DiaryMemo takes diary writing into a new age with video technology

DiaryMemo is a website through which individuals can maintain online diaries in the form of videos. Video diary entries are recorded straight into their platform without the need to upload, and entries can be tagged for future reference.

Online PR News – 11-March-2013 – London – London, UK - DiaryMemo is website with an initiative to bring back the practice of creating private diaries by introducing video technology into the process. This simplifies the idea of keeping a diary, since recording a video takes less time than writing or typing, and one can say a lot more in 5 minutes on video than you can write on paper. DiaryMemo acts as a private online video diary for its users so registered users can use the website to record videos of their daily thoughts and activities just like an old fashioned diary. Making a video journal is truly a new and unique way of maintaining a diary.

The site free for people to go and create an account. Once a user has registered, they can log into the system and start recording their daily diaries. One of the features of the system is that you can have multiple diaries all managed with an extremely user friendly interface. You can have food diaries, sports diaries, work diaries and many others. Each diary can have its own personal design which really makes the system beautiful to use.

There are plans to create some future features which bring the diary entries into greater context. Some of these are very interesting. The idea is that when a person records a diary entry, generally they wouldn't record details of the day such as the weather, local news, where they've been that day or perhaps even what their weight was.

Using API technology, DiaryMemo hopes to be able to pull that data into the system so that when a user looks back at their old recordings, it provides them with additional data that would bring their past entries into greater detail and context, and therefore aid and assist in the retrieval of that day's memories.

There are also plans on the horizon for mobile apps to enable people to also record on the move.

Other existing features of the system include the ability of course to view past video diary recordings as well as search by tags which the user can associate with a recording when they video. This means you can very quickly and easily view videos where you might mention certain topics.
Another interesting feature is the mood updater. This allows users to periodically update their mood status and view their moods over time. The idea is that the more online video diary entries you record, the better your overall mood will be over time. This is a long standing fact since there are many white papers and research studies which correlate a direct link to happiness with daily journaling.

For more information, you can visit the website http://www.diarymemo.com/