Capstone Alliance Group Reports Sharp Rise In Solar Power Investments

With the  Japanese adding their six month old subsidy program to others around the world, banks are now positioning themselves to attain dominance in the market, resulting in levels of investment not seen before reports the Capstone Alliance Group.

Online PR News Р11-March-2013 РHong Kong РIn Japan alone, analysts expect nearly two trillion yen to be invested in solar panel production facilities over the two and a half to three years. That’s more than seven times the investment level of Japanese solar installations last year. The Japanese subsidy system started in July is predicted to turn it into the third-largest market for solar power in 2013 after China and the U.S.
The government of Japan's  incentive pays almost triple the level Germany provides for its solar industries and already has drawn solar backers from major corporations globally. Developers of solar manufacturing plants will usually borrow two thirds of the project costs.  That ratio should result in 1.17 trillion yen in loans over the next  three years.
Major bank interest in the solar industry is taking the place of traditional manufacturer lending which has fallen more than one third over the last three years.  Japan’s process of subsidy for the industry is comparable to the programs in Spain, Germany, and Britain, providing an above-market rate for solar power.
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