Merchant credit card fraud prevention solution,, is available now!

FraudLabs Pro released fraud prevention solutions to monitor suspicious transactions.

Online PR News – 12-March-2013 – Sarasota/Florida – It is with great pleasure to announce the official launch of the FraudLabs Pro - a fraud prevention solution for protecting your online business from fraudulent transactions.

Fighting online frauds is never an easy task for online merchants. With advancement in technology, fraudsters can easily camouflage themselves as legitimate users to purchase services or goods. These malicious activities cannot be identified with standard verification such as basic AVS and CVV validation.

The cost of fraud is expensive, especially the merchants who selling physical goods online. It is because you are not only loss the revenue due to the cost of the physical goods, but also the penalty incurred in a chargeback.

Hence, fraud prevention is essential to protect your business from unwanted threats and surprises., with years of experience in providing fraud prevention solution, is proudly to present you a revolution solution to combat the fraud – FraudLabs Pro.

We understand all challenges involved to minimize online frauds and the chargebacks. FraudLabs Pro automates the risk valuation process in real-time and pinpoints the suspicious transactions. Numerical fraud score and distribution value give you a clear picture to decide the next course of action.

FraudLabs Pro applies blacklist-based & machine learning-based algorithm to effectively identify suspicious orders. It utilizes intelligent rules engines, which facilitate users to define their own triggers in screening credit card transactions.

Below are some key features of FraudLabs Pro:

- Fraud Analysis and Scoring
- IP Address Geolocation
- Email Domain, Credit Card, Device Validation
- Transaction Velocity Detection
- Multiple Blacklists Screening
- Custom Rules Trigger
- Merchant History and Reporting
- and much more.

FraudLabs Pro is giving free MICRO plan for all small and medium businesses with up to 500 sales transactions per month!

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