Crowd Funding Campaign for the Most Explosive Application since Instagram

When sitting in a cafe don't you look, judge and RATE the people around you? We all do! Now you can RATE them from 0.0 to 10 or LOCATE them at clubs & bars.

Online PR News – 11-March-2013 – London – It only takes one person to make a judgement about someone else and then transmit it for all to see. This transmission only lasts an hour with icons gradually fading away like the thought itself. The map therefore remains current and relevant, similar to the empty early morning streets after the night before. Our LOCATE map will be empty ready to start another day.
Tests at RATE & LOCATE HQ showed ten women rated the same people 8.9/10 when ovulating and 6.1/10 two weeks later
Tests at RATE & LOCATE HQ showed that after ten units of alcohol boys rated the same12 people an average of 4.5/10 before and 7.8/10 after
The software is the first mass market geo-location application written in HTML5 for use on all mobile devices. Now this fun, primal and ephemeral application will be available on any internet connected device. It is essential to bypass all the app stores to make this a ubiquitous app available to all of the people, all of the time
Some comments so far:
‘’ I love it. I can’t put it down, as it’s exactly what I’m doing all day everyday anyway.’’
’’You’re ok with the thought that your kids could be bullied and judged by a shitty little app like this. Unbelievable. Enjoy’’
‘’ I heard people behind me on the bus talking about it and I got so excited telling them that I was one of the Testers’’