New Book, "Never Give Up," Inspires Readers to Learn from Failure, Persist and Succeed

New book, "Never Give Up," highlights the accomplishments of successful characters to motivate readers to persevere. Authored by Lola Coll and JuanMa Ortiz, the book is a guide for achieving personal and business success.

Online PR News – 15-May-2010 – – New York, NY, May 14, 2010 -- Individuals who are struggling to achieve success will find valuable advice, insights and encouragement from "Never Give Up," ( ) a new book by Lola Coll and JuanMa Ortiz.

Coll and Ortiz-who are experts in the areas of finance, business, management and sales-wrote the book to inspire people to learn from their mistakes, persevere and excel. The book highlights the accomplishments of a variety of successful people, including Maya Angelou, Abraham Lincoln, Stephen King, Colonel Harland Sanders, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Sam Walton, Soichiro Honda and Winston Churchill. However, "Never Give Up" is not a biography. Instead, it presents the personal characteristics of the individuals included, their way of coping with rejection/failure, their mindset, and the personality that allowed them to persist and succeed.

"The book is more of an inspirational 'guide' to readers by showing them how they could also succeed by adopting the same attitudes/methods," Ortiz said.

The overriding theme of "Never Give Up" ( ) is success, which is clearly evident in this brief excerpt of the book’s introduction: "The stories you’ll find between these pages are here to inspire you. You have what it takes to be successful, but you’ve got to have the guts to hang in there. Every single idea that exists today is built upon ideas that came before it, and some of those prior ideas may even have been failures at the time. Failure is not an ending. In many cases, it’s just the beginning of your success."

"Never Give Up" ( ) is a unique new book that promotes positive thinking, self improvement and personal development. It is designed to help readers:
* Think about how to achieve their goals
* Reject rejection and focus on succeeding
* Learn from failure
* Act without fear
* Build their business
* Increase their sales
* Create wealth

"Never Give Up" ( ) includes several bonus materials, including an extra chapter about successful British entrepreneur Richard Branson. Branson is a prime example of someone who never gives up. His road to riches was paved with numerous challenges. But today he has a net worth over one and a half million pounds and is the 261st richest person in the world, according to Forbes’ list of billionaires in 2009. The bonus chapter states: "Branson is clearly not afraid to take chances, and this characteristic is vital for anyone who wants to be successful. No one ever became well-known by exploring something people already knew about. Fame and fortune comes to those who take chances. You’ll never know how anything will work out unless you take a risk and try it."

Please visit to access a copy of "Never Give Up," exclusive bonus chapters and reviews. Or contact Lola Coll at 34 620 649 858 for more information about the new book.

About the Authors of "Never Give Up":
Lola Coll, who was born in Alicante, Spain in 1976, studied English Filology at Valencia University. She also studied finances at the Business Center Fundesen and completed other specialized studies in management, sales techniques and emotional intelligence. Coll, also lived in Germany, where she studied the German language. Since 2000, she has exercised her broad expertise through her work in an international bank. In the last six years, Coll has held management positions. Today, she successfully manages a team of 12 people. JuanMa Ortiz, born in Murcia, Spain in 1969, studied computer science at University of Castilla La Mancha. Currently, he updates his knowledge of business administration and management and other courses in people management and sales techniques. Ortiz has more than 17 years of professional experience that encompass relevant positions in business and the banking sector. His professional background also includes experience as a software engineer, expert trainer, CEO of a start-up and business manager.

Press Contact:
Lola Coll, co-author
New York, NY
34 620 649 858