Dr. Eastwood Brings in Cutting Edge, Non-Invasive & Drug Free Chiropractic Care in WA

Dr. Sean Eastwood, the certified NET practitioner in Western Australia has come up with a cutting edge, non-invasive and drug free kinesiology treatment for treating nervous issues

Online PR News – 11-March-2013 – Halls Head, WA – Great news for WA residents down with spinal issues - Dr. S. Eastwood has declared to assist with a state of the art non-invasive & drug free chiropractic Perth care. The eminent chiropractor is WA's sole certified NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) practitioner. He is a Neurolink qualified NIS practitioner as well.

Dr. Sean's cutting edge treatment method is a unique combination of the techniques, philosophies and science of Chiropractic blended with Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Neuro-Anatomy and Emotional Physiology. The certified chiropractor himself had spinal issues when he was into sports in younger years.

"I suffered a lot from back problems and drugs could only support me with temporary relief. Later on I got to know that our spine acts as circuit breaker on the chemical mix of the body organs that store the emotional triggers, toxins and nutritional deficiencies. I became interested in Kinesiology & its ability to treat nervous issues and switched on to a different career altogether", revealed the practicing chiropractor who was earlier into computer systems and accountancy. Dr. Eastwood practices Kinesiology in Perth and Mandurah.

According to him the different issues like spinal misalignment, back, hip and neck pain, digestive troubles, headaches, menstrual issues, irregular mental clarity, intrusive thoughts & avoidance behaviours and learning difficulties are all due to interference with nervous system.

Dr Sean practises Kinesiology Mandurah and Kinesiology Perth. Dr. Eastwood's clinic reportedly follows 2 basic assumptions in treating the nervous system. They believe that brain is the automatic signalling organ and if it's in 100 percent control of the body, then the person has no health issues to treat. Another assumption is that the spine acts as circuit breakers & would misalign as a result of emotional triggers, nutritional deficiencies, presence of toxins in body and breakdown in the communication between brain hemispheres.

"Our goal is to identify & rectify the reason or cause of your particular problem instead repeatedly looking after symptoms of the spinal misalignment", remarked one of the spokesperson from Eastwood's clinic. He further added that Dr. Eastwood's treatment could be taken as stand-alone care or the patients also have the option to take it with other traditional therapies. For more details, log on to http://www.drsean.com.au/.