Capital Group One Inc. Latin American Resource Fund Earns Major Gains

With investments in some of the globe's quickest growing oil and gas reserve discoveries, the Capital Group One Inc. Latin American Resource Fund have had gains far outpacing those in other sectors.

Online PR News – 11-March-2013 – London – Investment projects within the area, particularly countries with independent licensing agencies such as Peru, Colombia and Brazil all have several major oil and gas opportunities. The industry is also maturing, evidenced by growing trade associations, conferences and strategic partnerships with mining experts around the world.  
These trade and strategic alliances are focusing on Latin America's oil, gas and energy resources and strategies. They are also evaluating in detail a range of medium to long-term exploration, development, investment and strategies currently being utilized.
In spite of a tradition of resource nationalism in Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela, Latin America provides many further opportunities in oil and natural gas projects.  This includes huge gas developments in gas rich onshore and offshore reserves. New interest is also being generated in heavy oil projects and deepwater drilling possibilities, as well as new techniques and technology to access reserves that were once impractical and uneconomic to reach.
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