Tyson Asset Management Inc. Improves Security Of Client Data With New Tools

With more reports of website breaches and corporate database hacking every day, Tyson Asset Management has taken steps to protect client trade and personal data with advanced encryption and security protocols.

Online PR News – 11-March-2013 – Singapore – Tyson Asset Management is unaware of any specific past, current or future threat to its computer systems. Nevertheless, the company has decided to take a proactive stance by investing in specialized security tools to protect company servers and the data they hold.
News stories of high profile corporate and government hack attacks have surfaced with increasing frequency.  In many cases they are nuisance hacks meant to embarrass or sully corporate images.  In other cases, financial and other sensitive data is stolen outright by anonymous and untraceable criminals.
Tyson clients with access to the on-line trading gateway will be contacted shortly to ensure they are using best password practices, and can access the system as easily as before the security upgrade.  Apart from a simple extra login step, the trading site will have all the convenient features and real time market data as before.
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