Denver Reputation Marketing’s Guide to Receiving Positive Online Reviews

Denver Online Marketing has just released a 48 page guide for Denver businesses to help them monitor their online reputation at Do not let false or misleading negative reviews harm your business’s reputation online!

Online PR News – 11-March-2013 – Denver, CO – Today's Internet makes it very easy to look up information about any Denver company you are considering doing business with. There are thousands of review sites that are locally driven to help consumers make wise choices. With the advent of Google+, most people can find out how good a company’s reputation is by looking at their Zagat score or outside reviews. Denver Reputation Marketing is vital for all businesses that deal with the public because they could be losing up to 9% of their revenue when they have a lower online rating, according to a Harvard study!

Denver Reputation Marketing starts with a system to monitor the internet anytime someone posts a review about the company. They then set up review sites that make it easy for customers to post reviews about their favorite business. Those reviews are automatically posted to review sites that are used by the reviewer.

Many times competitors, former employees and negative people will post negative reviews that aren’t accurate. These reviews can damage a business’s online reputation and cause them to lose a lot of customers. Without a system in place to have your satisfied consumers leave reviews you are open to negative review manipulation.

Denver Online Marketing is offering a new service to help local businesses with their online reputation. It is nearly impossible for Denver business owners to stay on top of their online reputation unless they hire a full time person to do it! If an unsatisfied customer, previous employee or competitor writes a negative statement online, Denver Online Marketing’s team will quickly locate it, respond to it and help negate it with positive real customer reviews.

Do not let your well respected company become a victim of negative or false online reviews. Go to and get the FREE report that is now being offered by Denver Reputation Marketing.