Private Yoga Lessons In San Diego: The Easy Way To Get Started With Yoga

Whether completely new to yoga, or a seasons practitioner, everyone can benefit from private yoga lessons.

Online PR News – 10-March-2013 – San Diego, CA. – In today's modern world of health fads and magic diets, most folks know of the genuine praises about yoga being great for the body. And most everyone knows a good number of friends who have at least tried it, or practice yoga on a fairly regular basis, yet few have ever given thought to Private yoga lessons. All too often when someone is unfamiliar with any type of new physical activity, unnecessary feelings of inferiority and intimidation can creep in when thinking about attending a class for the first time.

With yoga, this is especially true. Without any pre-investigation regarding basic poses or the many different types of classes, it's extremely easy to find ones self without a clue about what's going on in class full of string-bean body types that are tied in knots standing on their heads.

The best part about private yoga lessons is that its the only way someone will find or receive a fully dedicated one-on-one personal yoga teacher that is 100% committed to helping them achieve their own unique goals.

Luckily the world of yoga has evolved from the old "home DVD" way of learning on one's own, into full blown personalized private yoga lessons. No longer does someone interested in learning the basics have to worry about relying on themselves to figure out if they are doing a pose or posture correctly via matching their body position to what they see on some video.

Now private yoga lessons can eliminate the fear and self-doubt of getting started. They can eliminate misguided thoughts of "I'm not flexible enough for yoga". That's like saying "I'm not strong enough to go lift weights at the gym", or "I'm not fast enough to run 5 miles". When getting started in yoga it's not about what skills or flexibility someone thinks they need to have already, it's about starting where they are at that present moment and working towards their own personal goals.

Enter Private Yoga San Diego, a unique studio offering Private yoga lessons in San Diego and surrounding areas. Now anyone in Southern California can start or expand their own personal yoga practice in the comfort of a private studio. Created by Heidi Schubert, RYT 200, Private Yoga San Diego is a private home studio designed to give clients a completely personalized yoga experience that can be customized to accomplish whatever personal goal or outcome is desired.

Most clients of Private Yoga San Diego are new to yoga and are looking to gain an understanding of the basics before setting out on their own, but Heidi says students come to her for many different reasons: "The intention for a yoga practice is to get what someone wants to personally to get out of it, no matter what their goals. We can create unique sequences for many things including yoga for weight loss, therapy for a specific injury, back pain, strength and toning of the body, increasing flexibility, stress relief, even hypertension and high blood pressure can be addressed with yoga."

No matter what the individual goals may be, the best part about private yoga lessons will ultimately be that it is the only way someone will find or receive a fully dedicated, one-on-one personal yoga teacher that is 100% committed to helping them achieve their own unique goals.

For more information about signing up for private yoga lessons in San Diego, read testimonials and to see prices, visit today! was created by Heidi Schubert, RYT 200, born and raised in San Diego and has been involved with the local yoga scene for many years.

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