High Performance Systems, Corp. announces Industrial Epoxy Flooring services

High Performance Systems, Corp. Now offers a wide variety of industrial epoxy flooring solutions.

Online PR News – 09-March-2013 – Warren, NJ – Dealing with chemicals can be a major problem for manufacturers, science labs, and just about anywhere else that works with potentially hazardous materials. Chemicals can often corrode standard flooring, wearing out certain elements faster and potentially even weakening the structural integrity of the building somewhat depending on where the chemical leak actually is.

One of the best solutions for any company dealing with chemicals is the use of Industrial Epoxy Flooring. Unlike standard flooring such as concrete, epoxy offers a strong and versatile solution in order to meet many different industrial needs, and High Performance Systems, Corp. Is proud to offer several varieties of industrial strength epoxy.

One of the most popular flooring solutions for manufacturers is the use of self dispersing epoxy flooring. Formulated to handle weight well, this variety of industrial floor coating can handle forklifts, trucks, and other heavy mechanical devices moving over them on a regular basis without losing the structural integrity and chemical resistance that epoxy provides. All floor coverings will eventually wear down, but this durable form of epoxy will ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

A modified version of the self dispersing epoxy flooring is particularly valuable for industrial food processing plants and other areas where material intended for human consumption is being processed somehow. The use of quartz sand changes the chemical makeup of the epoxy slightly and gives much better gripping ability for people walking on top of it. Liquids are often present on the floors of food manufacturing plants, so a simple investment in flooring can help prevent falls and expensive medical bills.

For locations that simply need durability without the same consistency necessary for areas like warehouses where trucks are constantly moving, self leveling epoxy flooring can be used instead. Easy to clean and maintain, this flooring resists chips and chemicals alike, making it a favorite of car services, self-storage units, and similar locations.

When strength is more important than anything else, High Performance Systems, Corp. Is proud to offer a mortar epoxy formula. Mainly used for the heaviest industries and as a sealant for cracks in a lower floor before another layer of epoxy is placed on top, this surface material is determined to get the job done no matter how rough it may become.

In contrast to the power of mortar epoxy, antistatic epoxy flooring offers hospitals, electronic manufacturers, and other places with sensitive equipment the ability to have a floor that's just as resistant to chemicals (and as easy to clean), but possessing excellent antistatic capabilities to ground electric charges and prevent the buildups that might otherwise appear.

Finally, High Performance Systems, Corp. Has formulated several decorative types of Epoxy Floor Covering that can be used for logos and other locations where appearance is just as important as ability for the flooring.

Whatever the industrial needs of a company are, an epoxy industrial floor can make the business safer, easier to clean, and more convenient for everyone using it. However diverse the flooring needs might be, there's a High Performance Systems solution.

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