Los Angeles DUI Defense Lawyers Now Deliver Success with Confidentiality and Discretion

The Hedding Law Firm provides complimentary consultation to aide defendants facing DUI charges. The Hedding Law Firm has over twenty years of experience litigating on cases for DUI charges, and many of those cases have been dismissed.

Online PR News – 09-March-2013 – Encino, CA – The Hedding Law Firm has over twenty years of experience litigating on cases for DUI charges, and many of those cases have been dismissed. Los Angeles DUI attorneys at the Hedding Law Firm will treat a defendant's case with sincerity, compassion and discretion in order to bring about as speedy resolution as possible, without sacrificing benefit to the defendant.

Famouse Los Angeles DUI lawyer Ron Hedding from Hedding Law Firm will show that a defendant is a good person who is not a criminal, but rather a person who has ended up in the situation of driving under the influence by showing what the defendant stands to lose when it comes to respect in the community, at work, at home with family and with friends, all because of one mistake. These consequences need not be felt forever if a defendant chooses to work with the Hedding Law Firm.

The firm will act immediately to ensure preservation of the defendant's rights. The Hedding Law Firm's attorneys understand that a defendant facing a DUI charge is frightened and has likely never before been arrested, and may not know how to best handle the situation. Defendants in DUI cases can be anyone, from anywhere. A small list of the types of defendants that have found legal success with the firm include fellow lawyers, doctors, celebrities and even police officers.

Los Angeles DUI attorneys from the Hedding Law Firm act first to advocate for a defendant by striving for dismissal of the DUI case. Many cases are dismissed, and for those which are not, these attorneys work further to resolve DUI cases with a negotiated plea. In more than twenty years of practicing law, specifically in DUI cases, attorneys with the Hedding Law Firm have found success through devotion, battling cases every day in the local courts when necessary.

Top rated Los Angeles DUI attorney Ronald Hedding seeks to make DUI cases as simple as possible for defendants. Because consequences for a DUI can be incarceration, community service, fees and fines, to name a few, these attorneys have worked to understand the legal intricacies and implications surrounding DUI cases.

Los Angeles DUI defense attorneys at the Hedding Law Firm recommend that defendants facing DUI charges do not hesitate to hire a lawyer in order to preserve driving privileges, criminal records and freedom. Because DUI cases are politically charged cases, hiring an attorney with the political background and knowledge is crucial in order to succeed in either getting the case dismissed or achieving minimum sentencing.

A defendant charged with a DUI who fails to act quickly may suffer a longer loss of driving privileges, and beyond that, a deeper loss of respect and rapport amongst the community, family members, friends and coworkers. In some industries and businesses, a DUI could even lead to termination of employment. For as painless a resolution as possible in any DUI case, defendants should contact a Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer at the Hedding Law Firm without delay for a complimentary case consultation.

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