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ABi Technologies will also make sure that your website gives a professional face to your business or organization!

Online PR News – 09-March-2013 – Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh – Having an effective web presence is more important than ever in today's business world. This shift has happened extremely fast, and people have adapted to the new information technology as though it has always existed, yet at the turn of the century many of the things people now take for granted were simply the dreams of an engineer sitting in a garage.

It can be a confusing thing to put together an effective web presence. In most cases, a website and a blog are the two obvious choices, but it is easy to take bad advice. ABi Technologies is dedicated to providing custom website design as well as many other services, including web hosting. We are a leading software and web application development firm.

Our goal is to provide top quality, professional design that brings your vision to life, and we can handle every facet of your design. We offer multiple packages that include multiple languages, content management systems and more.

We also offer training in running he website so that you understand how to go into the system and make changes to your own photos and content - and for more substantive changes we are always available for custom services!

Our goal is to design a website that you can change. This is something that a lot of website developers will not do because they want a monthly fee just to make minor changes on your website - that just doesn't make sense.

And that is why you can trust ABi Technologies - we want to put as much control into your hands as possible, and educate you to know how to operate your website. This allows you to make instant page changes.

The website packages also include 1 year of hosting - this is built into the package, and that way if changes are necessary we are available 24 hours a day - it also ensures the physical security of your website. Our hosting services are available 365 days a year, and guarantee over 99.9% downtime, including backup systems for cooling and power generation in the event of the loss of external power supplies.

After your years' service is up we can continue to provide a reliable and affordable web hosting service.

Having a website is vital for your business. People no longer use a phonebook - now they look numbers up through a smart phone or tablet, or a traditional computer. If you o not make sure you are properly represented, your business will suffer to your competitors who are online.

ABi Technologies has a full suite of SEO services as well as web design and hosting - with these services we will not only build your website, we will run it for you and make sure you are in the top results when people search for your business, whether it is an online business, a local business such as a barber shop, beauty shop or restaurant, or a charity or personal website.

ABi Technologies will also make sure that your website gives a professional face to your business or organization, and that it is viewable through smart devices as well as standard computers. And we can build custom mobile apps to bring your website and business fully into the modern times!

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