Canada's Leading Sleepologist on Preventing Sleep Disorders

Stress is the main factor creating restless sleep,” Waterman goes on to say that stressors can Come from anywhere.

Online PR News – 09-March-2013 – Hutchins – Canada's leading sleepologist, J. Waterman, has been making waves in his approach to the importance
of sleep for a person's health. While many of the leading sleep experts are spending their time treating
Patients that are already experiencing sleep disorders, Canada's leading sleepologist is promoting
Preventative measures.

According to leading studies, 75 percent of people in the world will have a sleeping problem in their
Lifetime. Waterman has found that this statistic can be dramatically decreased through preventative
Measures. “Stress is the main factor creating restless sleep,” Waterman goes on to say that stressors can
Come from anywhere. Sleep experts are using outdated methods and philosophies to treat sleep
Disorders, while Waterman is one of the select few to bring recognition to preventative measures that
Can stop sleep disorders from manifesting themselves?

Waterman has a different point of view than other sleep experts. For example, he has a holistic
Approach that concerns the stimulation of the five senses to optimize sleep, which is discussed in his
Upcoming book, “Sleep Sense.”

Waterman promotes change in lifestyle to improve sleep. By going against the grain, he found that
Several different foods, such as bananas and milk, are not good sleep aids. Although foods such as this
Contain tryptophan, a precursor for melatonin; other elements in those foods create an inflammatory
Condition in the gut preventing the synthesis of the hormones required for good sleep.

From his research he has theorized that hard mattresses can play a direct role in the hardening of
arteries. He is the only sleep expert to make this connection. This new approach to promoting
Preventative measures have made other experts in this field stand up and take notice.
If you want to improve your quality of sleep, download a copy of his sleep guide, which is being
Offered free for a limited time.

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