Netintelligence becomes the de facto e-safety software of choice for the UK Home Access Scheme

Four more official laptop suppliers select Netintelligence for internet security and protection

Online PR News – 15-May-2010 – – (Glasgow, UK 14/05/10) Netintelligence, the internet security and e-safety division of iomart Group plc, is delighted to announce that a further four UK Government Home Access scheme suppliers have chosen to deploy its award winning software on computing equipment that they are supplying under the terms of the scheme.

The new providers – Stone Computers, NS Optimum, DA Computers and Micro P will supply laptops with Netintelligence parental controls installed to the children of low income families.
Netintelligence is now the preferred e-safety partner of every one of the ten approved Home Access suppliers, having earlier announced similar agreements with XMA, Positive IT, Misco, Comet, BLI Education and Centerprise.

The Home Access programme was launched earlier this year in England and Wales, following two well received pilots in Oldham and Sussex. The programme is focussed on providing school children, from low income families, in years 3 to 9, with access to the internet and a computer at home.
The first stage of the programme has been heralded a success, with Netintelligence reporting it has deployed over 100,000 e-safety software licences under the scheme within the first five months.

The Home Access programme is being managed by Becta, the Government agency for technology and learning. Low-income families who meet certain criteria can apply for a Home Access Grant to purchase a compliant computer and internet package from any one of the ten approved suppliers.

Marion McCallum, Marketing Manager for Netintelligence said: ‘We are delighted to have been selected as the e-safety partner of choice by all ten of the suppliers of the Home Access Programme. This is a very strong validation of the technological capabilities of our software and service, and it demonstrates that the Home Access suppliers are confident in our ability to fully protect the children when using their computers at home.’

The Netintelligence e-safety software gives parents the ability to filter and customise web access for differing age groups, record all instant messaging conversations, set and monitor time spent on the computer, both on and off line and prevent harmful viruses - in one easy to use combined product.