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The site even has news reports and surveys that create awareness among the masses about the water related issues and how they can be tackled.

Online PR News – 09-March-2013 – Part I, New Delhi, New Delhi – India, 09 March, 2013 - Water is amongst the basic necessities of a person and as it is already known that Earth is surrounded by 71% water but only 3% of it can be used by humans. Majority of it is so salty that it can hardly be consumed by humans. Desalination is being carried out to remove excessive salts but this is a process that only few know. The consumption of water is not just the problem of one country but the whole world and what has augmented it is water pollution. If the reasons are pondered upon, it is mainly humans who are playing a very crucial role in its contamination but having said that it is only humans who can stop water pollution. Stating the problem is one thing and giving solution is another. The latter one deals in taking concrete steps which can benefit the society as a whole. What we need now is a shift in the paradigm of how water is supplied to the masses.

There are many sites where in you will find adequate information on all the problems pertaining to water. But what they list is just problems; as far as solution is concerned, there is hardly any. Even India water news is not backed with solid facts. Such India water news is totally irrelevant and misleading. It is in fact more misleading for people who wish to take part in India water business. is more of a revolution than a website. It has got all the relevant information about how India water business can expand in manner that everyone can make the most out of this limited resource. The site even has news reports and surveys that create awareness among the masses about the water related issues and how they can be tackled. They have great analysis of Indian water companies who are taking steps so that clean drinking water can reach everyone, especially to those who are below the poverty line.

On contacting a senior spokesperson of and with an aim to delve deeper we asked them what all is happening around to improve the “water state” in India, he said “That everything can be bright and merry only if people are aware in the first place especially the areas that receive less education. With some latest advancement India water industry has paved its direction there and with the government taking steps to improve the water scenario. I would again like to mention India water industry. It is more like the corporate taking a good amount of responsibility of eliminating water problems from people’s life. We are just a medium of making masses aware of their rights.” is immensely informative. It has brilliant content on waste water treatment. Such reports actually talk about preventing water from getting misused and that can only be done if the masses are aware of waste water treatment. As vigilant citizens it is everyone’s duty to take a step and improve this area of society and not just blame the government for not taking steps.

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