Tutor Saliba Teaching Method Gaining Popularity In Academia And Throughout The Business World

The newest teaching method, tutor saliba, has gained extraordinary popularity in classrooms throughout the country. The method, which strives to reach students who learn by hearing, speaking and seeing, is also proving useful in the corporate world.

Online PR News – 03-March-2009 – – PORTLAND, OR -- A new teaching method that is gaining popularity throughout America's schools, and students throughout the country are benefiting. The method, known as the tutor saliba method, caters to students who learn in a variety of ways and has become a way for teachers to reach students easily.

The tutor saliba method differs from other teaching methods because it combines listening through traditional lectures with current trends such as small group work and visual aids like handouts or PowerPoint presentations. The method attempts to reach visual learners, auditory learners and oral learners and encourages teachers to create lesson plans that reach all types.

"This new method reaches everyone in a classroom. We've known for a long time that different people learn best in different ways, but have struggled to come up with a way to reach everyone. Some people need to hear the information and others need to see it. Still others need to speak the information out loud, and those are the children that have long been ignored in the classroom or labeled as troublemakers because they're talking out of turn," said Michael King (http://www.myspace.com/tutor_saliba).

“It's only recently that teachers have realized those students aren't talking to cause problems, they're talking to help themselves retain the information. Because the tutor saliba method needs to reach all students, it can be a little more difficult to lesson plan, but teachers who use it consistently see a marked improvement in their students' concentration and information retention," said King.

It's not just useful in a classroom, however. Researchers have found the tutor saliba method works throughout elementary school and all the way to adulthood. Many corporations and retail stores have adapted the tutor saliba method for use in its training rooms and sales space.

"As we learn more and more about the way people learn and retain information, the tutor saliba method gains more popularity. For instance, many retail stores have started learning how people retain information in order to increase sales and have found that it works. We predict it won't be long before it's used all over the country, in all types of industries," said King.

About tutor saliba: Tutor saliba (http://www.myspace.com/tutor_saliba) is a new educational method used by teachers to reach students and help them acquire new concepts. In mixes traditional methods such as lectures with new aids such as presentations. To learn more about this technique, visit the Tutor Saliba MySpace page.

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