ExVeritas Brings Experience and Knowledge to ATEX and CE Certification

ExVeritas brings specific industry knowledge and experience to ATEX, DSEAR and IECEx testing, training and certification, ensuring the safety and explosion prevention of clients' tools, practices, equipment and on-site areas.

Online PR News – 09-March-2013 – Wrexham, Borough – Based in the UK, ExVeritas brings expertise in the field of explosion prevention. Providing on-line tools, fast start guides, papers and an Atex glossary, ExVeritas ensures a smooth path to safe operation and ATEX certification. Specializing in the manufacturing and oil industries, ExVeritas applies tried and tested knowledge to test and certify the safety of equipment across a broad spectrum of uses.

Because ExVeritas employs engineers from a variety of specialized backgrounds, clients are able to maximize benefit from working with certified engineers who understand the specifics of their industry. In addition to testing and certification, ExVeritas acts as an industry thought leader, providing clients and practitioners with a wealth of information, both through an on-line resource library and through education and training on the path to certification.

Clients who require not only certification, but certification completed in a timely manner, need not turn elsewhere. ExVeritas is able to provide certification on time by conducting ATEX testing along the way, instead of waiting until a design is complete, so that the final design can be certified the first time. Furthermore, ExVeritas uses both ATEX and CE Testing facilities, and covers a broad certification range for both ATEX non-electrical and electrical tools and products.

Certification of products, tools and sites is crucial when it comes to safety--but so is education. For those who work with hazardous equipment or installations, ExVeritas offers ATEX Training. Courses include everything from ATEX Overview courses to DSEAR & ATEX 137 Managers/Auditors courses. Courses are offered through a variety of methods, including on-the-job project based ATEX training and on-line course delivery, allowing learners to maximize both learning styles and work schedules and demands.

ExVeritas offers additional certifications as well. For clients seeking the voluntary Iecex certification, whether IECEx non-electircal or electrical, ExVeritas provides a test report, quality assessment report and certificate of conformity. Emissions, or EMC testing, can be completed either by testing a small unit in an ExVeritas facility or on site, keeping the cost to clients low, which not only encourages testing but also keeps clients' overhead relatively low.

When it comes to ATEX and DSEAR Area Classification, rather than simply assigning a classification to an area based on practice codes, ExVeritas approaches the process from a cost-benefit standpoint, providing clients with the practical experience to make recommendations that will be both cost-effective and an improvement on the current safety of a site.

ExVeritas' experience includes ATEX design for Flameproof (Exd) enclosures and ATEX Intrinsic Safety systems, which involved not only designing and certifying the prototype, but also providing the client with manufacture parts lists and build instructions so that the design could be completed in a timely fashion and meet the technical specifications which meet certification standards. Accredited by ASCB(E) to ISO/IEC 17025:2005, EN45011 (ATEX Certification), ISO/IEC 17020:1998 (Type 'A' 3rd Party) and ISO/IEC 17024:2003, ExVeritas has the knowledge and experience to ensure prevention of explosions.

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