Temple Rock launches Experienced Investor Fund (EIF)

Temple Rock PPC Fund launches Experienced Investors Fund in Gibraltar

Online PR News – 09-March-2013 – Gibraltar – Temple Rock Fund PCC Limited launched its Experienced Investor Fund (EIF) on February 28th. The trailblazing EIF has changed the investment landscape in Gibraltar and had a far reaching impact in other European jurisdictions since its introduction in 2005.

Gibraltar, with its strong links with the UK including common language, currency and basis of company law is the perfect ground for investing into an EIF. Heavily supporting Gibraltar’s international credentials following the development of its fund industry are numerous international companies including banks, fund administrators, accountants and lawyers all of whom form part of and service Gibraltar's funds industry. Regulation of the funds industry is undertaken by the Financial Services Commission (FSC). The FSC was modelled on the UK's Financial Services Authority and benefits from the flexibility and availability that a smaller jurisdiction brings.

Temple Rock’s unique concept recognizes opportunities that exist in troubled markets and adopting a broad-based strategy which not only benefits investors but also contributes to growth and prosperity in those regions. According to Temple Rock’s Fund Managers, “the company’s concept is applied throughout Temple Rock’s market strategy and is coupled with its priority to reduce and compensate risk at all stages, avoiding exposure to unknown factors, leverage risks and 3rd party instability. Temple Rock believes that the same troubled markets that create opportunity also encumber it with greater responsibility for its clients' asset.”

For more information on Temple Rock Fund and Experienced Investor Fund, visit www.temple-rock.com