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Australian Investment Education (AIE) brings new knowledge avenues for the benefit of retail investors & traders
AIE provides investment reports for futures, options, stocks, share, ETF education and trade strategies, forex market etc. Writen by traders for traders.

Online PR News – 09-March-2013 – Southport BC – A vast majority of beginner investors are intimidated by the inherent risks associated with trading and investing. While this owes to the persistence of volatility and stock market fluctuations, their limited knowledge and experience as to how the markets work, how to find and plunge into high probability trades, how to manage their own emotions so that they are able to make the right, controlled decisions, etc., also make starting up a daunting task.

Australian Investment Education (AIE) is one of the leading trader and investor coaching,mentoring and advisory organizations in Australia that helps retail investors and traders, access quality knowledge and resources about the markets so that they gain the required competitive advantage, are able to manage risk and develop a positive cashflow. Providing a turnkey solution for every individual looking to either invest / trade successfully, or seeking greater control of their trading and investing, the organization serves as a central, one-stop resource for everything related to trading education and development.

The support services provided by the company are in a variety of formats including webinar style videos, or as written reports, and cover aspects such as market updates, trade recommendations, strategy adjustments and risk management across a wide range of markets. All these aids are aimed at furnishing the clients with all information they need to make the right trading decisions. In addition to this, clients can also speak to the trading teaming any trading day.

AIE webinars educate clients with some of the best strategies for trading the stock markets. Investors can register for these webinars to gain useful insights on key topics such as ‘The Covered Call strategy’ or ‘Buy Write’ or ‘more Passive Income strategies’. In addition, how to professionally implement the trading strategies to have a significantly improved opportunity for more consistency of return and a more passive form of income.

Some of the key understandings provided in these webinars include:

• What an option is

• How Options can be used to generate cashflow

• How one can search the market in seconds for a personally tailored trade

• How to tap into both the Australian and US market from one simple platform

• How research has shown this strategy can add as much as an extra 7.25% to ones’s share returns

• Why this may be a suitable strategy for one’s self-managed super

• Where to tap into the latest tools to make a low time input addition to one’s wealth creation plan  

The AIE team is licensed across a variety of markets, which gives them the ability to provide a wide range of help to clients across a majority of listed securities. Clients can access support, help, education and advice at any stage.

AIE's goal is to provide its clients with all of the tools, support, education and advice to make the journey into markets one that is simple and more importantly with peace of mind, as its clients move toward achieving their financial goals.

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