Another Intensifying Product hit the Market

Through this release we want to inform our user about the latest technology launched in the online market. The name of this breathtaking technology is CSV to vCard for Mac.

Online PR News – 09-March-2013 – Madrid,Spain – Gothenburg, Sweden, March 8, 2013:- New software has launched by the company named CSV to vCard for Mac can profitably performs the migration task from Excel to vCard for Mac. With this amazing application users can easily migrate their Excel sheet contacting contacts details to their Mac machine or in short terms users can import profitably excel contacts to Mac by using this application. Some of the key features of the application:
• Auto-mapping feature
• Fast migration process
• Simple GUI
• Single panel Utility avoid any navigational issues
• No data contact loss guarantee
Evan Swans, Director Product Development, added in the praise of the tool that “it is just a small package with vast functionality containing inside. We have developed the application with keeping in mind the issues of all type of users whether they have iPhone, iPad, SmartPhone, Tabs etc. CSV to vCard for Mac is compatible with all Mac devices. Users can also import vCard files to emails client application including thunderbird, windows mail server, Lotus notes.”
Susan Kaet, Head of support Team, is very much excited after getting reviews from the users. Her interview on popular newspaper makes the mind of most of the users. Also she perfectly answered the queries asked by our journalist -John Peter. Below we have mentioned some of our conversation with Susan Kaet: What are the salient features of CSV to Mac address that makes it a standalone application? A: According to me –the tool has the power to convert CSV to vCard format that can be further import to new released gadgets in the market. The list of gadgets contains Iphone 5, Apple iPad, SmartPhones, Samsung devices. It is not only restricted to that much only. You can also import vCard files to your emails clients application including Thunderbird, Windows mail server etc. What are your expectations from the tool? A: Well, whenever we indulged in the development of any application, our very first priority is the requirement of the users. From requirements we meant what exactly user want from the application to do. And then rest of the things is designed.
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