Alexanders Appliances Direct Offer a Top Range of Commercial Refrigeration

Appliances Direct, a UK based company, specialises in commercial refrigeration, offering superior quality and performance items to pubs, hotels, restaurants, shops and schools throughout the country.

Online PR News – 09-March-2013 – 3/6/2013, Andover, UK – Andover, UK Appliances Direct, a UK based company, specialises in commercial refrigeration( ), offering superior quality and performance items to pubs, hotels, restaurants, shops and schools throughout the country.

As a business you can't rely on the domestic white goods available on the market to manage the demand you place on them, whether you need a heavy duty refrigerator for your commercial kitchen or a wine cooler for your bar area. The advantage to commercial refrigeration is that it is designed to deal with the everyday strain you put on it, yet it can manage large volumes over longer periods.

Choices Available

The type of refrigeration needed will depend on the type of business you own, for commercial kitchens there is the heavy duty fridges, essential in keeping food cool and meeting the high expectations of the health and safety requirements.

Bars need bar bottle coolers and a glass door refrigerator behind the bar to store all your bottled beer and cool drinks. The importance of incorporating glass into bar refrigeration systems means that it makes it easier for customers to make a selection. Many specialist companies offer these glass door bar bottle coolers, making your bar a more functional space.

But it's not only the hospitality industry that needs the right refrigeration systems as many convenience stores also often require display fridges. Display fridges are large glass door fridges which again, make it easy for customers visiting the shop to find what they are looking for.

Complying with Health and Safety

Health and safety is an important part of any business that works with food whether you are a five star hotel or a pub offering hearty British cuisine. The health and safety guidelines have strict requirements regarding the cooling and freezing of food and you need to keep certain foods separate from others, when you don't have space for a large walk in chill, the commercial refrigeration options available from Alexanders Appliances Direct( ) can help you meet those requirements, earning you a good score when the environmental officer comes to visit.

From keeping your fridges at a set temperature to dating all the food you place in the fridge, the health and safety requirements can ensure your customers safety. You cannot afford to not have enough storage for your chilled goods, often you need to keep large volumes at one time, which is where the commercial refrigeration comes in, as you know a domestic appliance would definitely not handle the demand you would place on it.

About Alexanders Appliances Direct

Alexanders Appliances Direct specialists in catering equipment are distributing to hotels, pubs, schools, shops and restaurants throughout the UK. They carry all their own stock which means that any item you require will be ready to be delivered quickly, often within a few days, depending on the item. They hold over 10,000 items in stock at any given time ensuring you receive the item your business requires within the shortest period of time.


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