New Beverage Development Service Available

Beverage Development Company announces new Beverage Development Service for entrepreneurs and beverage companies in the USA.

Online PR News – 09-March-2013 – Bonita, CA – Bonita, CA – Beverage Development Company announced today the launch of their new Full Service VIP Beverage Development offering that includes full project management and mentoring for executives and entrepreneurs.

Beverage Development Company is a service company based in California, USA. It provides services in Beverage Development right from beverage formulation to sales and distribution. Clients will benefit from the most comprehensive beverage development services of the company. The detailed services of the company include beverage formulation, flavor, bottling, business plan, sales collateral, marketing plan and sales to distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

Their services helps the client set the right foot in the beverage industry. Fifty percent of start-ups make formulation mistakes. The right consultation from Beverage Development will help the client in avoiding unnecessary expenses. Novice entrepreneurs might falter in derivation of costs and this can prove to be very disastrous. The expert consultants of the company offer perfect derivation of costs, like the real cost of packaging for the beverage. The company professionals gauge the standing of the client beverage in comparison to what the distributors are looking for.

“I’m incredibly excited about this new beverage development full service offering” said Eduaardo Enciso, Senior Project Manager and VP of Business Development. “Entrepreneurs starting out in the industry need not only development of new products, but mentoring, project management and support”.

By hiring the services of Beverage Development, the client’s company will be able to reach about 5,000 beverage distributors in 30 days. There are a lot of techniques and pedagogies that the company uses in cost cutting practices. It illustrates a number of promotional and marketing activities to clients other than advertising.

The experts of the company take the basic idea from the client and develop the beverage into a full, market-ready concept. Through this process, they identify the client’s key requirements and necessities for the beverage, the project statistics for pricing targets, production quantities and terms; they develop a range of potential concepts for the drink, based on brainstorming sessions with the experts. The company works in harmony with the client to identify and develop the best concept for the beverage.

With the services of Beverage Development, the client need not hire additional staff for production or project management. This saves a huge amount of money by eliminating the need for added salaries, traveling costs and related expenses. The client’s company gets the upper-hand in the negotiation process of the businesses by the team of industry experts.

Enjoy peace of mind through the extensive support and expertise of the leading industry professionals. Beverage Manufacturing strives hard in developing a brand new beverage from scratch. With proper management, the Beverage Development service facilitates the transfer of the beverages that are developed in our laboratory to multiple production facilities. For more information, visit