IT recruiting services of Pragna acquiring huge corporate significance

Pragna has always proved its caliber as one of the best recruitment partner amidst the current severe increase in the competition for recruiting the highly educated and talented candidates or professionals and the even more challenging process.

Online PR News – 09-March-2013 – Redmond, Washington – Washington, Redmond
Pragna has created waves in the Information Technology market with the aid of its exceptional and unique recruiting strategy allied to IT field within few years of its advent to the area of recruitment and business process.

If experts are to be believed then this eminent business solution provider is already on its way to tap the surging human capital in a strategic manner and make significant inroads as IT recruiting firm into this area of interest with a view to attain great heights.

With a dramatic increase in the craze for IT industry in the last few years and the significant implication of online on the lives of worldwide population, the need for professional and talented youngsters with a good educational backdrop is also surging up with time.

Nowadays, most of the leading and well-established software companies are looking up only for talented candidates with potential background; while the corporate ones are voting only those with brilliant educational profile and consistent excellence.

But, due to the hiring situation unfolding its patterns with passing time and the big corporate players coming into picture; the need for in-house recruitment agency with great connectivity in terms of human capital, internet and business market.

Hence, IT recruiting has attained limelight with its ability to explore key strategic inputs and business tactics allied to corporate area along with providing the scope for a wide range of market avenues to rise up as an integral part of their company management feature.

With the time-consuming and intricate recruitment procedures and the inability to keep pace with technology advancement; most of the IT companies are outsourcing their hiring powers to the companies that are specialized to handle each and every aspect of the recruitment.

Anil Kumar, co-founder of Pragna and an ardent technological entrepreneur said that Information Technology is one such area that experiences consistent innovations and technical implications with a graph that has been rising since the time it came into existence.

He also added that the main reason for initiating IT recruiting service and partnering with industrial pioneers is to channelize the talent of numerous potential candidates in a proper way and act as an effective and reliable link between the two – the employee and the employer.

Pragna is one of the few agencies that have its roots based in India but are known to have a significant international presence with standing tall amongst the current stiff competition as an authentic, affordable and affluent business provider with key expertise in the area of IT.

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