BLIP Systems and G4 Apps Team Up to Provide North America With Innovative

In BLIP Systems´ aspiration to be the world´s leading provider of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi measurement solutions, the company has made a strategic partnership with Canadian G4 Apps Inc.

Online PR News – 09-March-2013 – Vodskov, Denmark – Vodskov, Denmark, March 08, 2013 -- BLIP Systems and G4 Apps today announced a broad strategic partnership that combines the proven wireless solutions of BLIP Systems with ambitious driver assistance and traffic management software company G4 Apps to provide North America with the BlipTrack™ traffic solution.

High-tech and low-cost traffic solution

With proven technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi tracking, the cost for collecting detailed data for travel time, origin and destination, traffic flow, queuing and more has decreased significantly compared to traditional measuring technologies and the new partnership with G4 Apps will give North American government agencies and road authorities a cost-effective and innovative new weapon to improve road networks.

As simple as 1, 2, 3...
The solution works by placing BlipTrack™ sensors strategically along major roads and tracking the anonymous identification codes from Bluetooth and WiFi devices in passing vehicles. The collected data from multiple sensors are encrypted, ensuring that it cannot be traced to any individual or vehicle, and passed to a server where speed and travel time are calculated for each road segment enabling real time traffic flow optimization. The data is also analysed over longer periods for traffic signal optimization and road planning.

"Many North American municipalities have traffic congestion that inhibits their economies, saps productivity from their citizens and businesses, and contributes significantly to greenhouse gasses. They seek solutions in traffic management but with tight budgets cannot afford the cost of traditional technologies" said Bob Burrows, CEO of G4 Apps. "We are pleased to partner with Blip Systems in bringing to North America a well proven system that can monitor traffic over vast road networks for a fraction of the cost".

"With the BlipTrack™ platform already firmly consolidated in several major international airports and municipalities around the world, including Toronto international, we look forward to take on new territories with G4 Apps expertise and technical know-how in the North American traffic segment" says Peter Knudsen, CEO of Blip Systems.

About G4 Apps inc.
G4 Apps focuses on lowering energy use and emissions generated in transportation through the application of mobile wireless technologies and services. The company provides solutions to drivers, fleets and traffic agencies, seeking to be a leader in each arena while also building distinctive functionality, accuracy and timeliness through combined technologies and services. G4 Apps delivers real time, operational grade data and advice to all stakeholders towards cost reduction, increased mobility and improved sustainability in reliable and safe manners.

About BLIP Systems:
BLIP Systems is a privately held wireless technology company with headquarters near Aalborg, Denmark. It was founded in august 2003 as a MBO of the Bluetooth activities within Ericsson Denmark. BLIP Systems (Bluetooth Local Infotainment Point) was established with a vision of using the new connectivity possibilities in mobiles, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, to deliver proximity services. The vision and high expertise at BLIP Systems derives from the extremely industry experienced team. BLIP Systems focuses on developing and selling the people tracking product BlipTrack™. At first intended for targeted queue measurements in airports, but now expanded to include flow and queuing analysis in road traffic, train stations, cities and other locations.
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