Photo Colour Correction Application Gets Cropping & Scaling

Kea Sigma Delta recently released an update to Relight – a photo colour correction tool – which adds the ability to crop and scale images. Scaling and cropping are two fundamental operations, and this latest update adds these much needed features.

Online PR News – 08-March-2013 – Wellington, New Zealand – Kea Sigma Delta recently released an update to Relighta photo colour correction tool – which adds the ability to crop and scale images. These features were dropped from the initial release due to time constraints. Scaling and cropping are two of the most common operations to perform on photos, making them important and fundamental features to have in any photo enhancement tool. Thus, this latest update adds those much needed features. Hans, the company’s founder said:

“We are pleased to have released this update with scaling and cropping. Now Relight users no longer need to use a separate program to perform these fundamental operations. Instead they can correct or enhance their photos and then scale and crop them in one go.”

Relight differs from more traditional and heavyweight image processing programs in that it specialises in just colour correction. Poor colour is one of the most common problems with photos, even with today’s modern digital cameras. Relight’s simpler and less cluttered user interface makes it easy to quickly correct/enhance colours in photos that did not turn out right. At its core is a colour transformation engine that corrects images based on one or more colour mappings. For example, selecting a patch of skin in a portrait photo, and telling Relight that it is skin, is often enough to correct the entire image.

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About Kea Sigma Delta Limited:

Kea Sigma Delta is a young software/technology company founded in November 2011 in Wellington, New Zealand. Its current speciality is developing quick and easy to use photo enhancement software, which can be purchased directly from its website. The first product released by Kea Sigma Delta was Relight, a photo colour correction tool.