Kexxel :A Sales Masterclass: Steve Schiffman impressed Kuala Lumpur with this informative event!

Kuala Lumpur, 27 & 28 February 2013 – Kexxel Group has succeeded again in hosting an amazing Sales Masterclass event by the number one sales expert, Prof. Stephan Schiffman.

Online PR News – 08-March-2013 – Kuala Lumpur – Kuala Lumpur, 27 & 28 February 2013 – Kexxel Group has succeeded again in hosting an amazing Sales Masterclass event by the number one sales expert, Prof. Stephan Schiffman. The speaker received great appraisal from the 31 participants that had attended this intellectual event.

Prof. Schiffman managed to get the attention of the delegates with his witty nature and friendly personality. His knowledge and immaculate skills in sales made his session a valuable experience for the delegates who had garnered numerous tips that can be used in their day to day sales ventures. The two days training session was captivating as the room was filled with immense fun, laughter and a great deal of experience sharing! The delegates were thoroughly impressed and mentioned that they are looking forward for more events as such.

The best-selling author, Prof. Schiffman, has become a favourite among the delegates who had attended this event. The following are a few testimonials from satisfied candidates:

“I managed to learn a lot about sales and the different personalities that I would meet during sales on a day to day basis. I would definitely want to use this sales system and would teach the people that I work with this sales process. This event is a great learning experience for personal development and if you are a sales manager, I would advise you to come as you can teach what you learn to your staffs. The speaker is very informative and has years of experience. Kexxel Group has a good event team. The venue of the event was great and everything was well organized. Good Job!”
Vishnu Annapareddy – Organizational Head, Appco Group Phillipines

“This is the first training session that I have attended in Kuala Lumpur. I managed to learn a lot from this course and from the speaker as he managed to trigger my undertaking process in sales. Others must definitely attend this event as it is very interesting and life is very challenging in sales. I would definitely invite my managers and trainers for the next session. Kexxel Group events are very well organized and simple. They have good speakers which has raised Kexxel’s level. I will definitely attend another training session with Kexxel Group!”
Leong Cheng Soon – General Sales Manager, Toyota Brunei (NBT)

“Prof Schiffman is an outstanding speaker. He was able to mine me to become a better person and better salesperson. The strength of his speech was the part on time management. It would have been more interesting if there was a video presentation. This training is a success for Kexxel Group. It will be great if Kexxel Group can bring more caliber trainers like Prof. Schiffman .”
Rosli Bin Bujang – Sales & Marketing Manager, SGS (M) Sdn Bhd

“The speaker has a very practical approach. I learnt that sales is actually about making a change in helping people do things better. One should attend this course to bring back the knowledge to your company to increase sales. Kexxel Group is very accommodating. The respond very quickly to emails which helped us a lot and we had no trouble in arranging our stay here.”
Frances Wayne C. Rafio – Retail Cash Management, Sales & Cross Selling Officer, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

“The speaker is very practical in his approach and it is not difficult to understand what he is saying and is easy to implement. The speaker uses logic with a structured framework which one can follow systematically. The speaker on the whole is very practical in executing in what he teaches. These two days of investment was very beneficial. Kexxel Group is doing a very good job in organizing such events.”
Shaharani Ismail – Sales Manager, Publis Sector, SAS Institute Sdn Bhd

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