Buying Websites Takes a Huge Leap Forward

As with any other business, buying websites with a current balance sheet and profitability requires expertise. Last year alone, purchases of Internet related businesses exceeded $3.5 billion.

Online PR News – 08-March-2013 – March 6, 2013 Denver, Colorado – A little known industry is beginning to emerge as a viable option for entrepreneurs seeking to immediately purchase and manage an online business with a customer base and profits in place. buying websites with revenue and profits in existence at time of purchase has become the #1 choice of entrepreneurs with little capital and big dreams of business ownership.

buying websites in particular at, the leading buying and selling platform, has made possible for anyone with a few thousand dollars, to realize dreams of immediate and debt free e-business ownership. Formerly Sitepoint, Flippa officially launched in 2005 providing auction software for website exchange.

Since its’ inception, it has managed more than $85 million in transactions from both website sellers as well as buyers and with ever increasing demand for e-business acquisition, it is estimated to top $100 million by early 2014.

Knowing that such immediate revenue can be immediately inherited, understanding how to acquire any business allows for smaller investors and entrepreneurs the safe haven of conducting due diligence on a proposed purchase as well as sharpens business management skills overall.

As with any business and according to Brian Dale, website purchasing expert, much more should be considered than simply profit levels. As Mr. Dale commented recently “Whether seeking to invest $1 million or $5,000 into purchasing an existing business, financial due diligence claimed by seller(s) must be verified”.

Mr. Dale went further with “Many ask the question how do you buy websites must understand that to do so, reasons for purchase must be first understood. Knowing what this entails will determine whether the acquisition process is successful both short and long-term. In the short term, those wishing to buy into profitable businesses must align with those who’ve done so before and longer-term, the business should fit skill-sets a buyer already possesses.”

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