The Vole Eliminator the Best Product to Exterminate Voles on the Market Announced

The Vole Eliminator is a new product to hit the markets that is the best way to get rid of pests and provide rodent control on the market today.

Online PR News – 08-March-2013 – NA – The Vole Eliminator is a new product to hit the markets that is the best way to Get Rid Of Pests and provide rodent control on the market today. What makes the Vole Eliminator so special is that it works, quickly and without needing a lot of time or expensive equipment.

Voles, rats and moles are some of a group of small rodents that can cause absolute havoc on someones lawn. These rodents are known for their burrowing skills. So, they will burrow tracks all over a lawn, beneath trees and shrubbery and can even chew into the foundation of a home unless they are stopped.

One of the biggest expenses that many people encounter with their lawn care is hiring an expert to come in and set rodent traps in order to get rid of voles and exterminate moles. Then, after that costly fee is paid, they will then have to bring their landscapers back in to replace all of the damage the pests have done, this can easily cost upwards of thousands of dollars.

And, of course, there is no guarantee that once the exterminator has come and set traps to get rid of rats and get rid of voles that they won't just come right on back into the yard a few weeks later. Unfortunately, then another expensive series of traps to Exterminate Voles will have to be set again, and again until the problem doesn't happen anymore. It can be a major headache, a huge hassle and not to mention incredibly expensive.

But, the solution to those problems has arrived. The Vole Eliminator is a system that was developed by owner Kennith Drake suffered from years of having his lawn damaged from voles and moles. Finally having enough of it, Drake set out to design a better mousetrap, literally. He came up with the design for the Vole Eliminator as a way to still effectively exterminate rats and exterminate moles but without a lot of the dirty and messy clean up involved.

The Vole Eliminator serves as a feeding area. The rodent climbs up into the tube and eats the poison that is left inside. Now what separates the Vole Eliminator from a conventional snap trap is that there is no bloody mess to clean up. Instead, the rodent eats the poison and then heads back to his den, where within two days the rodent will be dead. A much cleaner and less gruesome process, for both the animal and the yard owner.

The Vole Exterminator is going have its best effects during the winter, when these rodents are out of their dens foraging for food. Once they find the food in the Vole Exterminator, the population will start dramatically reducing, saving a lawn and garden for the upcoming spring months from these invaders.

The Vole Exterminator comes with a set of two traps that can be placed at least 50 feet apart and really serve as lawn and garden protection all year round. These traps will be able to eliminate those pests and still save a lawn owner a lot of time and money in the long run.For more information please visit