Chat Targeting Feature to Focus on Potential Customers

Banckle Chat offers a potential and effective set of features for online collaboration experience across different platforms.

Online PR News – 08-March-2013 – Palo Alto – The intuitive user interface and a wide variety of features make Banckle Chat the perfect choice for online customer assistance.
Banckle Chat now supports chat targeting feature that is extremely useful in understanding your customers' requirements. You can define a set of rules according to the customer's activities on your website and guide them as per their requirements. Banckle Chat has introduced this feature to help you know who visits your website repeatedly. It targets your potential customers and lets you guide your customers in a better way the they want.
The following steps are required to enable RTL language support:

Sign into your Banckle Chat account.
Go to "Settings".
Click on “Marketplace”.
The “Installed” tab shows the plugins that have been already installed.
Click “Browse” to see the list of available plugins.
Choose the “Chat Targeting” plugin as shown below:
BC Marketplace ChatTargeting 300x279 Use Chat Targeting Feature to Focus on Potential Customers

Choose Chat Targeting from Available Plugins
Click “Install” button that appears on hovering the mouse over “Chat Targeting” option.

Through Misc--> Chat Targeting, you can define rules to trigger actions based on the user's behavior on your website. Targeted Chat identifies the repeat visitors and potential visitors that are more likely to purchase. You can automatically label such visitors to let the sales team focus better on potential visitors.
BC ChatTarget URL 300x113 Use Chat Targeting Feature to Focus on Potential Customers

Set Rules for Specific URLs
BC ChatTarget Visit 300x109 Use Chat Targeting Feature to Focus on Potential Customers

Set Rules for Specific Number of Visits

We welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve our products and let us provide you the productive solutions for your live assistance requirements. Feel free to sign up for a Banckle account and integrate our chat widget on your website. For the latest news and updates – sign up for the monthly Banckle Apps Newsletter, and stay tuned for announcements at the Banckle Apps Blog. We thank you for reading this post and look forward to your valuable feedback in our feedback forum. Thanks again!
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Banckle Chat is your FREE online chat and customer support solution. It is fully customizable and includes a variety of built-in templates, themes, widgets and tools for boosting customer service productivity. It achieves the great scalability by allowing multiple websites, multiple departments and multiple operators. You get all the freedom to customize the support structure as you like. Other important live support features like canned messages, file sharing, SSL encryption, proactive invitation, 24 x 7 support, visual and sound notifications are also supported. You can also track visitors and monitor their browsing activities using the analytics & reporting features.
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