Los Angeles Personal Injury Firm Tofer & Associates Offer Free Consultations

Tofer and Associates, Los Angeles personal injury lawyers, offers free consultation to clients to hear the particulars of their case and determine how to best help them.

Online PR News – 08-March-2013 – Penthouse Beverly Hills, CA – Accidents happen all the time. From something as simple as slipping on a set of stairs, to having an accident while on a bicycle to being in a boating accident. Thankfully, most of the time these accidents are just that, accidents and there are very minor or no injuries to be had.

However, other times, accidents can result because negligence of another party involved, the landlord not fixing slippery stairs, a driver not looking and hitting a cyclist, a hidden pier on the water not marked by the city. All these are direct causes of accidents, and if a major injury occurs, then people are entitled to receive the compensation they deserve.

The Los Angeles based law firm Tofer and Associates specializes in exactly these types of cases. They have years of experience arguing on behalf of the victims of personal injury cases and have been able to provide them with an ally in getting their case heard or the money that they deserve from severe injury.

Unfortunately, so many people do not even realize that they may have a valid and legitimate claim when they are injured. And they never take the time to speak to a personal injury lawyer, costing them dearly both in mental and physical problems but also with the loss of potential money owed. This is why it is so important to find a high quality personal injury firm after any accident to have a consultation on a potential claim.

What sets Tofer and Associates apart from so many of those other Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney firms is that this firm goes above and beyond to try and help their clients as much as possible. Tofer and Associates offers a free consultation, this shows that the firm is interested in hearing the particular facts of the cases brought to them and will able to provide a potential client with expert advice and opinions if there is a potential lawsuit.

Tofer and Associates goes even a step beyond the services many other personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles and do not even collect a fee unless the case is won. This shows that the firm is quite confident in their abilities and when one contacts a lawyer at Tofer and Associates, they are going to know they will be getting the best Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles has to offer.

In addition to offering potential clients a free consultation regarding their injury and accident claims, Tofer and Associates also keeps the office open on nights and weekends to give clients the time to come in and speak with an associate. The firm will also take the time to meet with clients at their own convenience, at school, at work, or even at the hospital where they are healing from their injuries.

It is these special steps that Tofer and Associates takes with clients that really sets them apart from other Los Angeles personal injury attorneys. And, with a free consultation for any potential client who comes in through the door, the firm will be able to help many people with their futures.