Randall Law Group announces Nationwide Legal Services across Multiple Categories

The Randall Law Group now offers various legal services to individuals, businesses, and defendants throughout the United States.

Online PR News – 07-March-2013 – Costa Mesa, CA – The Randall Law Group is proud to announce that legal services are now offered across the nation to qualifying cases. These services now cover several major categories of legal service and advice and are performed by a trained team of attorneys and supporters with many years of professional service representing clients on these particular matters.

Personal Injury services now offered nationwide include a variety of vehicular situations (including cars, motorcycles, and aviation-related incidents) as well as a wide variety of more individual injuries such as dog bites and abuse. If you or someone you know is eligible for compensation due to suffering a personal injury, the Randall Law Group Attorneys at Law can help you get the most compensation you deserve.

Our services also cover a variety of Labor and Employment issues throughout the nation, from harassment and discrimination to wrongful termination and breach of contracts. If you want to speak up but desire the security of a professional legal team, the Randall Law Group can give you the legal protection you need from retaliation.

Businesses now have the opportunity to take advantage of a wide variety of services, from working out loans and bankruptcy filing (Chapters 7 and 13 only) to legal advice on contracts, partnerships, sales and mergers, franchise law, and other business items that may have a significant impact on operations. Services may be used in a strictly consultation-only matter or, should you require additional services, the Randall Law Group can represent you in court and uphold your interests to help ensure that your business is able to continue on the path you've chosen. The Randall Law Group is particularly experienced with loan modifications, with a trained team of auditors and and experience dealing with major lenders helping to negotiate the most favorable loan conditions for your business needs. Even if you are not currently in the midst of any problems, the Randall Law Group may be able to help you renegotiate your current loans onto better terms.

Finally, the Randall Law Group now offers Criminal Defense services throughout the nation. If you have been accused of a crime and need the best defense possible, the Randall Law Group will fight for you on cases from Petty Theft to charges of Murder or Homicide. We can work with local investigators to highlight the most important elements of your case before the court as well as give you the best advice possible on how to plead and how any sentence you might receive can be reduced as much as possible. You deserve a defense that will represent you to the best of their ability, and the Randall Law Group is that defense.

Disclaimer: The content in this Press Release is not intended as specific legal advice. Any opinions expressed here may be subject to change based on laws and the specific facts of a case. An attorney should be consulted if you desire any form of legal advice. A full list of currently available legal services can be found on the Randall Law Group website.

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