This Book Delivers An In-Depth Look At The Importance Of Science Fiction!

'A Comprehensive Guide To Science Fiction Novels' provides a master course of science fiction and its unique history and influence on modern art and culture!

Online PR News – 07-March-2013 – NA – Whether you a fan, an aspiring writer or screenwriter or just love a great story, science fiction is more than just a genre; no other form of fiction has had so many influences in our everyday lives, and every important human emotion can and has been captured in the greats of science fiction history.

The author of 'A Comprehensive Guide to Science Fiction Novels: Everything You Need (And Should) Know About Science Fiction Literature' set out to put together a comprehensive guide to the art and passion of science fiction.

This is a comprehensive guide to science fiction novels, and forms a great reading list and history of the best science fiction authors. It also holds invaluable information for the aspiring writer. This is one of the best fields to write in, but it is just as cut throat as the rest of the publishing industry.

This list of comprehensive science fiction novels will introduce you to more than the alien's and bad guy genre's of Robert A. Heinlein's earlier work, which had a strong Western influence. These are typified by such stories as 'Rocket Ship Galileo' and 'Starman Jones'. Heinlein himself transformed over the years, penning much more powerful critiques of society in novels like 'The Moon is A Harsh Mistress' and 'Stranger in a Strange Land'.

Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke also played major roles in early science fiction, as did more popular writers such as Edgar Rice Burroughs, of John Carter fame. The books were much better than the recent movie. Many writer's have used the spring board of science fiction to examine the innermost psyche as well. Some of the best and most moving science fiction books don't involve aliens at all, or they are at most barely mentioned.

This has been true since science fiction first appeared, and throughout that more than 100 year history the genre has gained in popularity and power. At certain stages of its development it was dominated by one sub genre or another, but the strong and creative flow of the science fiction writers has always been there, and the important threads of these works is represented in excellent detail and taste in 'A Comprehensive Guide To Science Fiction Novels'!

Science fiction has also been a gold mine for Hollywood and TV as well; from the beginning of the motion picture industry, people were trying to put what science fiction writers had created onto the screen, and we are now in the golden age of science fiction, where stories of aliens and adventure are both equally viable. From Star Wars to Solaris, 2010 to Minority Report, science fiction short stories and novels have made some of the best films of the last 45 to 50 years (and some of the worst, but in 20 years they'll be forgotten!).

If you are a true sci-fi fan, a writer who wants to sharpen the skills of your pen or someone who has a new interest in science fiction and wants a comprehensive guide to the most important and influential works of the last 100 years, 'A Comprehensive Guide To Science Fiction Novels' provides a master course of science fiction and its unique history and influence on modern art and culture!For more information please visit at