Wonderful Windchimes Introduces Harmonizing Chimes

Family owned and operated, Wonderful Windchimes just unveiled their selection of harmonizing chimes to please any soul and budget.

Online PR News – 07-March-2013 – Baltimore, MD – Tuned to play select well-matched and melodious notes to remind the listener of favorite compositions, their harmonizing chimes come in many metallic, wooden and even LED-lighted versions. Their naturally produced notes and rhythm calm a person’s brain, as some scientists believe, because the chime produces music that is similar to certain brain waves and that mimic the brain’s own natural calming system.

“I’ve always loved wind chimes, so my wife and I started to sell them as a way to offer customers a one-stop shop to find classic chimes for themselves,” said DeCarlo Harrison-Owner “When I’ve had a bad day, or when I just want to relax, I head out to the patio where I have one of my chimes, get in a comfortable position and take a deep breathe. In just a few minutes I can feel all the tension and stress leave. It simply isn’t there any more.”

Wonderful Windchimes has unique wind chimes for every visual and auditory taste.

Since their opening, they pride themselves on customer service and offering the best in quality and value chimes so that everyone can enjoy the music and visual effect that chimes offer.

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