Negotiation Skills Enhancement Book Reveals the Secrets Used by the Pros

Cash Flow Depot, a real estate investor training website, announces its eBook entitled Power Negotiations by Jack Miller. The book focuses on negotiation skills enhancement and shares successful techniques used by the pros in real estate investing.

Online PR News – 07-March-2013 – Dallas, Texas – “No skill commands a higher compensation yet relatively few people take the time to ever develop working skills as negotiators”, says Jackie Lange, manager of Cash Flow Depot. She goes on to say that negotiation skills enhancement is essential in real estate investing as it can help reduce costs and increase profits in house-buying transactions.

According to Jackie, Power Negotiations can help investors, entrepreneurs, sales people and plenty of individuals negotiate the right way. The book goes around the idea that negotiating is not necessarily oriented towards the maximum advantage of one party over the other. Rather, the book aims to teach its readers how to create the maximum satisfaction for all parties in a transaction.

Power Negotiations tells its readers that the art of negotiation is more complex than merely getting the better of another party. The author, Jack Miller, conveys the message that both parties can get maximum benefits in a series of transactions over a long period of time. Jack believes that there is always a possibility for future transactions with the same person and learning how to negotiate can translate into bottom line profits.

Legendary real estate investor, writer and Cash Flow Depot resident instructor Jack Miller is the author of the book. Jack has been into real estate investing for 45 years and has devised negotiation strategies that he himself has applied over the course of his career. Jack’s creativity, wit and charm have earned him the success that he’s experiencing as well as being touted as a “legend” in the field of real estate.

“My favorite chapter in the book is the one that says, if you can afford it, give them what they want”, says Taylor from Houston, Texas. “Investors are sometimes so wrapped up in achieving goals that they fail to see the importance of give and take. Power Negotiations reminds us the value of give and take in the success of any relationship, be it between the buyer and the seller”, she further adds.

“It’s a fantastic choice if you’re looking for books on negotiation skills enhancement”, says Mike of Chicago. “I was surprised to find that it retails for only $6.95 for such valuable information. Jack’s negotiation tips are absolutely excellent”, he says further.

“Power Negotiations – Secrets of the Pros” reveals negotiating strategies that can help in the success of real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Interested parties may go to the “Store” section of or call Jackie at 1-888-282-1881 for more details.

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