Ojai CA, Dr. Freds Meds, Provides Menthol Free Natural Pain Relief Cream Approved By FDA

Dr. Fred's Miracle Rub is provided by Ojai Village Pharmacy and at the store website dedicated to the cream. It is a beneficial rub that smells pleasant and is easy to apply.

Online PR News – 07-March-2013 – Reno, NV – Ojai, CA, 07-Mar-2013 - Ojai Village Pharmacy is pleased to announce that Dr Fred's Meds pain relief cream has none of the strong smelling and largely ineffective menthol and wintergreen oils included within the ingredient list. The product is effective in relieving pain and it is approved by the FDA. The label says "Dr. Fred's Miracle Rub" and it is garnering strong user support for effectiveness.

Recently a web store spokesperson spoke about the product in a favorable manner, "Dr. Fred's Miracle Rub alleviates pains, aches, bruises and sprains quickly. The cream can be applied at any painful location. It only requires a few minutes before users begin to feel relief. It's effectiveness against arthritis, backache and other pains make the use of the miracle rub a successful option."

Miracle Rub doesn't smell unpleasant, doesn't feel greasy and doesn't burn the skin. Various painful issues can be alleviated with the use of the cream. Some of the conditions that respond favorably to the Dr. Fred's cream include trigger thumb, tennis elbow, migraines, carpal tunnel, muscle cramps, bee stings and other headache types.

A major ingredient that makes the product effective is histamine dihydrochloride. The ingredient increases the flow of blood. There are natural pain relievers, muscle relaxants, deep tissue penetration, anti-inflammatory agents, joint lubricants and a nerve conduction retardant.

There is no need for a prescription. The product may only be purchased at the Ojai pharmacy or at the store online. It is easy to use and can be applied as many as four times per day. On some types of pain, the cream works after a single application. Other types of pain, such as arthritis will often require more applications for the most relief.

Learn more about the natural pain relief cream by going to the links found at http://www.drfredsmeds.com today. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions about the cream and its uses can utilize the contact information described below.

Product: Dr. Fred's Miracle Rub

Company: Ojai Village Pharmacy

Address: 202 East Ojai Avenue, Ojai, CA

Contact Telephone Number: (805) 646-7272

Email: info@dr.fredsmeds.com

Website: http://www.drfredsmeds.com